Hotel Kung Carl: review

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Battling depression, anxiety, squishing work in between, and having gynecological operations performed on you is hard enough as it is, add travelling to the mix and blogging becomes nearly an impossible task, so I am very sorry for leaving you text-less for two months, but I hope it can be understandable... [Read More]

Air BnB: impressions and how does it work?

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I am a beauty blogger at heart (just look around in my house and you will have no doubt), so a thought of writing lifestyle post doesn't really come naturally to me. And this is no coincidence that I decided to start this blog post in this particular manner, since I want to apologize for the lack of pictures in this post... [Read More]

My thoughts on pop up boutique "Bride's wardrobe"


Guess who has been released in a wild free world again :) I am not 100% okay yet, but then again I never am, so trying slowly get back into "normal" life. I have decided to go to an event where I could try out my journalistic skills, but I am already seeing this is going to be yet another personal posts. Who likes "dry" articles anyway? ... [Read More]

My favorite places, #1.5

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Where are all the posts you promised, you ask? I would like to write an elaborate, well thought out post on to how things not always work as they should, but something tells me the picture below will answer your question....... [Read More]

My favorite places #1: Cat Cafe


As you probably know I want to try moving from only blogging about beauty, although it will be my main niche, always (albeit some changes are planned come February 1st), but sometimes I want to type up my impressions on places I stumble upon while travelling, on my favorite cafes, makeup stores and so on, thats exactly why I created "Lifestyle" tab on my blog... [Read More]

Fangirling 101: obsession, Andrew Flame concert and a new album

Disclaimer: this post contains lots of squeaking, fan girling and losing myself over silly things. Don't tell me you haven't been warned.

I am sure most of you would cringe reading this, someone might bop me on the head next time :), but here it goes: I don't like music. I simply don't need it. I never listen to music on my way to or from work, its never on background at home and I would even go as far as to say I never got the high people get from going to the concerts... [Read More]

10things to do in Riga next weekend (according me)

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While everyone else is celebrating Halloween, Lithuanians are visiting cemeteries, lighting candles on graveyards and going to see their relatives, or have relatives coming over, or both. That's part of the reason, why I have been very late with this post. Secondly, I managed to catch a cold, so it took me three days to type this up.. Sorry! ... [Read More]

Douglas Dior Makeup Consultation

Good morning!

I really really want to write every day, I do. However, as I am starting to understand, I have chronic headaches and some other unknown illnesses, which doesn't allow me to do as I please. What is even a sleepless night with crying fits, when you come to work sobbing, worth... [Read More]