Hotel Kung Carl: review

Hi guys!

Battling depression, anxiety, squishing work in between, and having gynecological operations performed on you is hard enough as it is, add travelling to the mix and blogging becomes nearly an impossible task, so I am very sorry for leaving you text-less for two months, but I hope it can be understandable.

All the photos in this blog post is kindly taken by the one and only StumblePuppy

Me and Stumble Puppy have traveled to Stockholm recently and we had very good time, relaxing and trying to run away from every day routine and troubles, and we have succeeded to some extent. The trip and the city itself was great, but I am sure that the fact that we had a very nice room in a very nice hotel, called Kung Carl, has also had a big impact to get a mid-afternoon or midnight rest. Being a blogger sometimes come with its benefits, and I was able to get an upgrade, that lead us to stay in this beautiful movie themed room. Oh, and did I say that our bathroom was massive? Shower could have easily fit three persons in.. not that we tried..

I am not sure why, but it seems a welcoming pact of puppies didn't make it in the picture. In every room, you are met with three puppies, who live and guard your room, you can cuddle them, and, if, by the end of your stay, you can't leave them there, you are welcome to buy yourself a piece, and while doing so, you support childrens' charity. I was only travelling with hand luggage, so puppy probably wouldn't have fit it in it, but Stumble Puppy was kind enough and got me a little moose from reception, because, you can't leave Sweden without one, can you? Also, by getting a plushie, you are doing a good deed, so it is a win win situation.

Side note: good third of my post is gone to the wide forest of internet, so I am starting it all over again....

This hotel is very unique in many ways, and one of them, is that you won't find a single same room in it, all 143 of them are unique, and have a different style. As embarrassing it is to admit, but we have kind of tried to snoop in every-time we went past someone opening the doors just to see how their room looks, and, indeed, they are all different.

It seems like this hotel has thought of everything, you can find all necessities in the room, such as slippers, robes, iron and ironing board together with a dryer, as well as an umbrella and a pack of tissues (yes, they were used on our last day). If you are still missing something, reception has got you covered, they have everything from toothbrush to shampoo, and from comb to body lotion, which comes in handy if you suck at packing as much as we do.

Besides that, they got a mini gym, open from 6:00 to 22:00, with a some equipment, balls, weights and yoga mats. In the hotel you can also find an ice cube machine, if you like your sodas, wine or beer extra cold, as well as a roof terrace perfect for romantic evenings where you can bring your drink from downstairs bar and enjoy it in peace.

Sometimes, after a long day of exploring Stockholm, all you want to do, is relax in a bar, but after going 20000+ steps a day , you can't be bothered going anywhere far, so hotel has you covered there as well. You take the stairs or elevator down and there you are, in a fancy bar, where outside is inside and inside is outside. The concept is rather difficult to grasp, and the photo doesn't really do it's justice, but try using your imagination. We met very talented bartender, Oscar, and if he is behind the bar, there is no need to know names of the drinks, just tell him what you like, and he will mix just the perfect drink for you. I strongly recommend sitting by the bar and just watch him work the magic on wonderful concoctions, since it is surprisingly pleasing. My drink included peppers, which sounds rather gross (no offense), but it cured my tummy ache and it went very well together with whatever else was in it. Not gonna lie, I can't remember, all I know, it was yummy.

I am not a fan of frozen drinks, I even prefer my smoothies luke warm, but if you ever around at the bar, go for strawberry or raspberry Daiquri. If there is a drink worth dying for, it is this one.

During the holiday, we have come to conclusion, that I am not fitted to be photographed at all, after 100th shot, we found a half decent shot, I feel comfortable sharing with the internet, and here it is, where I am enjoying a lovely drink in a lovely bar.

Mutual agreement has been made, not only are we returning back to Stockholm, but we are choosing same hotel without a blink as well. Did I tell already, that staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and even when you ask something silly (such as, "where could I have American pancakes for breakfast?"), they do their best to assist you as much as they can. Also, the hotel is ideally located to everything, metro stops, central station, shopping streets, you name it. In all week we stayed there, we needed to use ferry once (although it wasn't that neccessary) and metro the second time, but other than that, if you were to come there for a lazy holiday, you could easily go about without even leaving the street.

So, I would really like to thank Hotel Kung Carl for a welcoming stay and promise, we will be back! Oh, right, I forgot one more thing. When Stumble Puppy was making a booking, he made mistake with the dates, so I had to call, which then called the hotel, and they kindly agreed to switch the dates to right ones, which just shows, how flexible they are and how they put customer in front.

P.s. I checked in the hotel as a girlfriend and checked out as a fiancée . Yup, we got engaged!!!!!

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