My thoughts on pop up boutique "Bride's wardrobe"


Guess who has been released in a wild free world again :) I am not 100% okay yet, but then again I never am, so trying slowly get back into "normal" life. I have decided to go to an event where I could try out my journalistic skills, but I am already seeing this is going to be yet another personal posts. Who likes "dry" articles anyway?

Me and StumblePuppy are at the age and the point of relationship, where topic of wedding comes up here and there, but we aren't seriously planning nor engaged yet. However curiosity has led me to a Lithuanian shopping mall, Ozas, where web portals Myday and Apie Vestuves have joined their forces and is hosting an event, called "Bride's Wardrobe". It is being held both today (11 to 20) and tomorrow (11 to 18). The concept of the event is simple, there are hundreds of dresses which has been used before, maybe even by our moms (who has been kindly invited on the stage for the picture), but nevertheless, cleaned and fixed, left in a perfect condition, with an opportunity to try and (if you lucky) buy one here and now, hence the name which I love. Of course, dresses vary from no name to famous designers, and comes in many sizes.

If you can't find a perfect dress, don't worry, organisators has got your back, because there is no pressure on buying it, but you can get "Wedding planner" and note all the salons which sells all the dresses, book appointments and note it down in it. If you are just at the starting stage, you can buy "Bride's bible", which actually seems very iniformative, interesting and a good read, which thinks for you. I flickered through the bible quickly and my eye has caught on a particular article about various apps, and maybe it is just me, but I would never even think about that. Both of the books are sold with a huge discount, and I am wondering whether I should have gotten the bible just for evening reads.

I just realized I didn't take pictures of all the dresses (over hundred and sixty) hanging in the tent, but I didn't want to invade people personal spaces, so have exhibits of "what my mom wore" instead. It is worth to mention, that there is a big collection of photos collected and running on a big screen next to the tents, but camera doesn't translate those well, so you will have to go see for yourself, or ask your mom what she wore.

As organisators requested, and I totally understand them, people who planned on trying on dresses, were asked to come in without makeup. We all know, that some people are very self-conscious, so girls from Makeup Store were there to fix the situation in order you can't leave the house without makeup. To be honest, I have always passed by their products, but I had semi closer look today and quite few products has left an impression on me, so I have already registered to have my trial makeup, because why not? I mean look at that blusher/highlight palette and their shadows! And yes, I will be blogging about it.

The only thing is left to mention, that event has many partners, so brochures with various discounts and information leaflets are being handed out, so you can have a look of what's on offer and even buy some things with discount, not necessarily for your wedding.

Overall, as the first event of such nature, I think it is highly successful, it set high standards for various upcoming "copycats", and if you, or anyone you know, is planning on getting married, grab them and drag them along, I am sure you will find it just as useful as I did. It did plant couple of ideas in my head, and StumblePuppy is now being interrogated on different details of the dream wedding.

P.S. Once again I have to apologize, but unless I have StumblePuppy with me, or buy an iphone, my pictures aren't as good as they could be, but we all learn with time, so please bear with me.

P.P.S. I have caught wedding fever, and am off to a very popular Lithuanian forum hunt for wedding magazines. Have you had your wedding yet? Can you spill some ideas? Do let me know!

P.P.P.S. Yes, I did try on a dress or two, no, you won't get a picture, because a) it is a bad luck, b) both them didn't fit right, but if you really want to see me (StumblePuppy says, seeing me on the blog makes it more personal, have a half decent selfie).

For real though, someone got an Iphone I could review? or phone which takes proper, non blurry pictures?

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