My favorite places, #1.5

Hello there!

Where are all the posts you promised, you ask? I would like to write an elaborate, well thought out post on to how things not always work as they should, but something tells me the picture below will answer your question.......

So whilst it is still in service, I figured I will write something simple. I found another place which could be a potential nominee to my favorite places. If I leave a place and all I wanna do immediately is let you know it exists, it has to be special. It has a very simple name, ETNO BARAS, its located in a corner among a busy crossroad, and its very easy to pass by as I have done many many times. This time, however something prompted me to come in and......... SPOILER ALERT....- I will be back.

Grey, sand, beige undertones creates an image of the grandma's sofa by the fireplace, and the atmosphere, though modest, is very inviting, to grab a book and get comfy. Try to guess where I am heading when John Green's new book FINALLY comes out? The spot is also perfect for people watching if that's what floats your boat :)

The atmosphere is really set back and relaxed, staff is really helpful, and down on earth, which is huge factor for me. I suffer from social anxiety and in general am very antisocial (I realize that doesn't show through the screen), so being able to ask questions and get answers promptly without being looked down to is highly appreciated.

Having my issues with music, I found it a bit annoying and loud, but I realize its my personal problems. However, they only play Lithuanian artists, and only legally, which definitely deserves applause and I might have or might have not "casually" mentioned the lovely Andrew Flame. , which I have praised there and many other places. If they start playing their work, staff might have to kick me out with police's help, since I might create a habitat there, most likely in blanket fort form.

The only complain that I have, that service is a bit on a slower side, but I simply think it's due nature of overall atmosphere and I usually don't mind, but if you are in a hurry, you might wanna consider another option.

Yes, I already feel your anticipation and that annoying question, but what about the food? I wouldn't lie, when I sent a picture to my friend and she asked where it was, we both came to the conclusion it is unbelievable its at Etno Baras. I wish they had few more veggie options to choose from, but I didn't need to ask for adjustments and that's always great.

This was salad with baked goat cheese and beetroot and although I found that combination recently, I am in love. I am not sure, if photo transfers the size of the portion but it is enormous. When I am over visiting Stumble Puppy I always compare how tiny the portions in my country are, but this not only meets but also goes far beyond my standards.

And I have shamelessly cheated on Stumble Puppy. We have unwritten rule that if the place we are dining out, has cheesecake, we gotta try it. Although he wasn't there, I still decided to try one and it took me all will power not to ask for one more piece to be packed in a doggy bag. It was just so good. If I didn't convince you to come for atmosphere and service, then please at least try their cheesecake.

And now I somehow turned into food critic, and frankly, writing about skincare is so much easier! Do you have "go to" places? Is there a place you would suggest I visit? Waiting forward for your comments on this one!

P.s. This took me longer than anticipated, and made me realize that's exactly why there oughta be wine in every bloggers cupboard. If any wine companies or their PR would like to support me in that way, I won't say no.... :) :) :)

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