My favorite places #1: Cat Cafe


As you probably know I want to try moving from only blogging about beauty, although it will be my main niche, always (albeit some changes are planned come February 1st), but sometimes I want to type up my impressions on places I stumble upon while travelling, on my favorite cafes, makeup stores and so on, thats exactly why I created "Lifestyle" tab on my blog. I was trying to blog from home today, but my internet kept disappearing, I got distracted and I realized that if I want to get some stuff done, I need to get out of the house. One of my primary choices to go to for work is a cat cafe, and despite the fact I still get distracted (hello, pretty 13 kitties), I miraculously manage to get quite some work done there, so I decided why not type about it?

However, I am sitting here, looking around, and can't quite form my impressions into coherent sentences. And although I feel like saying "it a cat cafe, you have to GO there", it might not be enough to justify why it is my favorite place and why you should add it to your must visit list. Unless this picture convince you right of the bat?

They are active kitties, they move and lying down on the floor in the cafe full of people for that perfect shot doesn't always work. And you say blogger life is easy.

So the overall atmosphere is very relaxing, when you come in and find a place to sit down, staff brings you the menu and leaves you alone to choose, not that they aren't here to answer your questions or help, but they are not in any way pestering.

I just tested this, usually as I told you, they will leave you alone, but you do as much as shoot a glance their way and will they come asking if you are needing something more.

The food is very decent, and presented really nicely, that it will leave you wanting to take a picture (see exhibit 1.)

And post it on Instagram. All of it. Because you cannot not to. See Exhibit 2.

They have plenty of armchairs and sofas so you can get yourself comfortable, and if you are really lucky, kitties will come to you for company and pets.

Everything, and I am not over exaggerating, is decorated with kitties,even the mirror in the bathroom is saying "don't forget your are wonderful, especially if your are a kitty".

The place is also very comfortable for the cats, it has many beds, scratch posts, window sills and the like for them to feel like at home, as well as a separate room where visitors are not allowed for kitties to rest and run away from attention if they are not feeling it.

They also have their own version of Facebook, called Catbook, where you can find a short story of kitty lives as well as little tips on which kitties are more friendly and what body part to stroke in order to get cat points, and the way descriptions are written will make you giggle. Out loud.

And of course, as always, when you are a guest at someone's house, you have to remember, their house their rules. Firstly, don't forget to wash your hands just after you enter the place, we don't want kitties getting sick from the germs you might have carried on your hands from outside. Secondly, be gentle to the kitties, don't pick them up, let them sniff you before reaching out to pet, and read their facial expressions. Thirdly, don't, under no circumstances, let them eat food from your plate. If you want to feed the kitties, ask your waiter for a treat plate and let them have that. Oh and turn off that flash. And, this is targeted especially to my bestie, but good to know for others too, DO NOT SQUISH THE KITTIES. Other than that, just come to enjoy the place, make Instagram photos and just have fun. And here are few more pictures to round up my post.

Have you ever been in a cat cafe? Do you have one in your city? Do let me know!

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