Fangirling 101: obsession, Andrew Flame concert and a new album

Disclaimer: this post contains lots of squeaking, fan girling and losing myself over silly things. Don't tell me you haven't been warned.

I am sure most of you would cringe reading this, someone might bop me on the head next time :), but here it goes: I don't like music. I simply don't need it. I never listen to music on my way to or from work, its never on background at home and I would even go as far as to say I never got the high people get from going to the concerts. And I would be almost right, except for one very important exception. They are called Andrew Flame and I will allow myself to say, this is the best band in Lithuania. Heck it, I will be even more subjective and will claim of them being the best band in the world. Granted, I am saying it subjectively cause I don't have much to compare with, but I am sure their fellow friends and the loyal base of fans would agree with me. Also,this is my blog, so I say what I want, like it or not.

So from a first guess, where do you think I was last night? Yup, I went to their concert. I had to. I wasn't feeling the best health wise, and the unholy thought of skipping might have crossed my mind, but you can't even question not going when it comes to them. This concert was very important, and Andrew has fulfilled the promise made to me, what, maybe 3years ago? They came out with the new album! Squeee! Now it is my turn to fulfill my end of the promise ;).

I am not sure whether it was because I reserved a table well in advance, or if someone knew I was the biggest fan, and this was going to get blogged, but I was lucky enough to get a table right in front of the stage. And when I say right in front, I mean the very first seat possible, and I might have been making eye contact with him more than humanly acceptable. Some staring and daydreaming might have had happened too, but I can't help it. And if one can, they might need to rethink their preferences.

As a passionate blogger, I know, when people are in their element. You just do. You see their expressions, you see the way they act, communicate, and trust me, once you see the way they handle their instruments and communicates with each other by barely glancing at each other, you know they are in the zone, they believe in what they do, it is not only their passion, it is their life, and they are excellent musicians: they eat, sleep and breath it!

The concert itself was amazing and it couldn't have been otherwise. It is Andrew Flame we are talking about here, and their concerts always always always leave you with the warm and fuzzy feelings in the stomach. I am all up into my coworker's ear today about them, and by now, she is converted and said she will go to the next concert with me. The goal of the concert was to present their new album "How far can I go", and I am honestly in love with the name already. Not only I can relate with the phrase a lot, I also feel like it sums up their music, style and views towards life perfectly.

I might probably have already told you that, but I have never seen the band which is so much down to the earth, honest, earnest and just awesome in general. No, I won't be lying when telling that they love and appreciate every fan they have, coming down to chat with them and catch up. Do you know many bands who do that? I won't lie, being recognized by name of band members is really cool, and getting hugs is even cooler. I believe Andrew once told in an interview, that what excludes them from other bands, are their fans. I would like to say, that its actually them who makes us, loyal fans, stand out. The silly stage was a bit too big for my phone to take pictures of all of them at once, and Ignas, band's keyboardist, usually won't fit, so I took a few shots of him separately. Unofficially, I also took pictures of him for my bestest friend, who likes him a lot. So here are couple.

I am a little bit upset by the small crowd in the club, since the band like this HAS to be recognized wildly and I almost ready to ask to be hired as their marketing or PR person. I won't even charge much: hugs, friendship and the cheesecake would do. I heard they make an awesome one :). On the other hand, it felt like a very close friends and family gathering and we all had a really really great time.

I have had a dumbfound moment, and somehow thought they were selling the album in the concert, but apparently they weren't, however, they were kind enough to gift me one. Well, okay, two. The other one is going to my friend in America, who regrets deeply living so far away and not being able to see them live.

So, please please please, go listen to few of their songs, follow them on Facebook and show all the support you can. They are worth it, and really really under appreciated in the music world. And if you happen to be in one of those cities, or around, go to their concerts, they will be playing in Druskininkai, restaurant Kolonada 14th of November, and 21st of November in Klaipeda, Friedrich passage. I might or might have not considered going to Klaipeda just for them.

So once again, I want to thank the band for the evening, for the gifts, hugs and emotions, and we all know, that I am always here to support you. When you go big, and have a concert in the stadium full of people, can I please have a press pass so I can make proper pictures of you and post it all over the internet for people to discover you? :)

Have you ever heard of the band? Do you like their songs? Do you go to concerts often, or are you just like me? Comments are always welcome down bellow :).

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