Douglas Dior Makeup Consultation

Good morning!

I really really want to write every day, I do. However, as I am starting to understand, I have chronic headaches and some other unknown illnesses, which doesn't allow me to do as I please. What is even a sleepless night with crying fits, when you come to work sobbing, worth.. So it should be clear, that there is no way for me to blog in that state. I try my hardest, though, believe me or not. I have been thinking about changing my blogging style, even though my priority is and always will be natural cosmetics, I sometimes want to chat about other things, and there are not enough Sundays for that. Therefore I have introduced a new category in my blog, called Lifestyle. You will find anything there: travel tips, non-natural makeup related events, hauls not related to cosmetics, and anything I feel like writing about. Don't tell anyone, but I might even try fashion (simple day outfits, that is).

Let me open this new category by telling you I have been in Paris yesterday. Figuratively speaking, of course. I am a big fan of Douglas, and I really like to attend the events they organize. I guess I am not the one, since they are quite popular, so you need to be quick. I follow them on Facebook, so can you, and when I saw the event, I had to take my chance. I wasn't disappointed.

I am not gonna lie, when I came into the door, and was greeted with this beauty, I gasped. I awkwardly took a photo with my phone (will I ever be able to do it without hesitating???), and hoped to god it turns out good. It did! (and here is how I realized I need studio lights at home, if I want to stay professional). Anyhow, makeup artist Chris has greeted me, covered my clothes in tissue, and sprayed it with a new Dior perfume, Dior Sauvage, which they released after 10years of their last scent. It smelled lovely!

Then of course, we started with getting skin prepared, it is a very important step in any makeup. Imagine the wall, which isn't primed, paint would look pretty terrible, wouldn't it? Same principle goes with the skin as well. Capture Totale Cellular lotion was used to clean all the impurities, and prepare the skin to absorb the following products, lightweight cream sorbet, as well and Capture Totale under eye cream. Something about the way makeup artist talked, the scent of the products, and general feel of it, made me feel so luxurious and I honestly felt like I am somewhere in a fancy boutique in Paris.

Then of course, it came time for hiding imperfections and covering my face in foundation. Damn it, now I really really want the Dior Capture Totale foundation, since it made my skin really smooth and nearly flawless. This foundation is ideal for winter and spring time, and I might totally bite a bullet and buy one..And then live on pasta and cheese until Christmas.

Then the time came for my eyes, and even though I asked for something more bold, meaning colors, the makeup artist decided to use beige and black, but make it more intense. Who am I to question professionals, right? I have to admit, I really liked the end result.

Now, I don't really like uploading photos of myself, since I am afraid of a camera, and always look like a scared mouse, but I will do the exception this time, because damn, it is pretty! I need to attend some selfie taking lessons though, recommendation anyone?

Someone remind me to smile next time...

You know what's the best part about it? You come to a free makeup consultation, you get to meet professionals who have been working in the field for years, and you are let go not only looking your best, but also with a little tiny gift bag. To be fair, the only reason this post is going up now instead of last night is the lack of the owning studio lights, therefore being dependent on my windowsill and daylight, since I wanted to take pictures of the contents of the gifts.

So as you can see, I had a great afternoon, and so can you! How do you feel about luxury makeup? Do you have any favorite products? Do let me know!

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