Rambling Beauty Update and Direction: kind of?

Hello there!

In the stunning turn in events (phrase kindly borrowed from John Green), I have found myself in a little cafe in a tiny shopping building (too small to be called a mall), which is always empty and serves probably best coffee in town, wanting to write. About unicorns, of all things, which made me to introduce this new corner, to write about them if i need to.

Anyhow, I feel like some explanation of missing posts is a must, and that's what I will try to achieve with this post. Please forgive me, if I am all over the place.

As you all know, I have been pretty ill recently, and my body, a wonderful organism that is, have decided to shut itself down, in order to avoid stress, so I wasn't able to live, yet alone blog. I could have, and, me, being me, and setting too much requirements to myself, as I found out recently, says, I must have, but I simply couldn't. I think the fact that I set very high standards to myself implies, that I either write blog posts that are good content, than blog for the sake of blogging. So, naturally, if I feel shitty, my blog posts are bound to sound or at least feel to me shitty, or simply forced, so I choose not to at all. This of course have many implications, which I try to hide, but usually it ends up with self loath and hate.

Second issue I find I am having problems with, is that I don't seem to have a set direction I can go. Yeah, sure, this is a beauty blog, with random inserts of Lifestyle, but what exactly do I want to write about? Expo's are my high priority, because it is perfect opportunity to network, and make new contacts, but it can be overwhelming, and tiring. A good blogger would write about the expo as soon as they set their foot back to a hotel room, but this is not in my nature. Being an introvert at heart, I need days to recover from all the talking and interacting. So, it is not that I am lazy, I sometimes find it practically impossible.

Thirdly, I do know, I want to focus more on natural, cruelty free skincare, but it can be hard to find (well, more inconvenient), and I watch many youtubers, and stalk instagrammers, as well as read a lot of magazines for inspiration and sometimes I just become a commercial victim. I do try to change my pattern and watch green beauty youtubers, but on days I let myself rest, and watch everything I come upon on the wide waters of youtube, and I must this or that product all others are raving about.

Lastly, I hate planning (mostly because I can't follow through and it makes me feel worthless and affects my self confidence), so following a set plan could be helpful, but usually I just end up frustrated not being able to keep to the plan. I do have some ideas, but most of them concentrates around Lush, but I doubt everyone wants to read about Lush as much as I want to write about them, and I don't want my blog to be concentrated on Lush alone. Granted, it raises reader count, but still this blog won't be only Lush orientated.

This photo is to illustrate my dedication to getting back to serious constant blogging...

This photo is to illustrate my dedication to getting back to serious constant blogging...

If you read my mind stream all the way through, kudos to you, but to sum up my ramblings: my blog now has a corner for ramblings about everything, I can only write when I am feeling decent, so it is as earnest as I could be, and slowly I will be trying to turn this blog towards green, cruelty free posts only.

Do you have any particular products you would like to see reviews on? What would you like Rambling Beauty be? Do you like Lush? Do you need advice on that? Please do tell me :)

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