"Every Adventure Requires a First Step“

Chesire Cat in the hands of Lewis Carrol

Good morning!

Hope you all have had cozy holidays and enjoyed the festive season. Happy 2017, I wish you loads of adventures, motivating challenges, reaching milestones, and for once to tick off everything from your resolution list at the end of the year. Or don't, New Year's resolutions should be more like a guidance, than fixed goals.

No, this post is not going to be my New Year's resolution, rather just update why some changes has happened on my blog and why I felt the need to implement them.

I was planning to publish this post on the very first day of the New Year, but, again, symbolically, some technical difficulties just proved that life can't be perfect.

I am sure you are all tired to hear people say „New Year – new you“. Well, so am I. Frankly, I personally file this under the supposedly motivating but not at all shelf and forget it as soon as I read or hear stereotypical phrases like that. Don't get me wrong, if it works for you, then great, I just don't find it particularly moving and things that aspire me are totally different.

I am sure, that you probably have noticed a „few“ changes in my blog. Yes, I will admit, having had a blog for two years, although not very fast paced, to take this decision was a very big and frustrating step for me. But I had to for several reasons. Yes, few tears has been shed in the making process and we were lucky that Stumble Puppy and me live two seas and Scandinavia away, because there might have been blood as well, but here it is, up and running. I am so happy for my husband to be and his support along the way. Yes, it will take some time to adjust, but I am growing to love it, and hopefully you will too as much as I do.

Don't worry, my old posts won't disappear anywhere, they have been moved, but I will try my best from now on to have more structure, focus on the quality on both posts and photos without losing my own writing style, and constant posting schedule. Bop me on the head, if I don't keep up with the last one.

I bet you are left wondering, why this change was neccessary and if I could have lived without it. To make a long story short, I probably could have, but in the unlikely event of my blog setting off, and gaining recognition, there might have been unpleasant consequences down the road., so I have decided to take preventative measures.

And yes, I know you are dying to know, what was the reasons which made me take such a big step. I won't put all cards on the table, rather will give you a slight sneak peak.

I realized I am not happy with the squarespace platform, and their costs, as well as the blog url starting to seem way too complicated, especially when I didn't have my business cards at hand and had to write it down. Surely, you are all thinking that I could have kept my name as it is and only move domains. That is a very legit argumentation, but no, I couldn't, I won't specify why, but after lots of thinking and doing a poll among my friends, it has been decided that it was, indeed, neccessary. I also felt like I wanted name which is slightly more original, because you won't believe how many variations of rambling and rambles are out there. And the last one might be a little bit childish, but some part of my brain thinks that the colors and design which I have chosen with care, together with a set up blogging corner (that's coming soon), will keep me motivated and allow me go above and beyond my abilities. I hope you will join and support me on my new adventure and engage in the comment section down below. Let me know what you all think of the new blog, but don't be mean!

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