What Skin Needs: Skin Balm*

Hello guys!

Going to various beauty expos and networking with many different people from all over the world opens up to many opportunities, you get to introduce your blog, hear all about their brands, and have a live consultation if you have any skin problems. I think I already told you in some other posts, that my right feet acts up sometimes and breaks out into something that I can only call eczema. Granted. I never managed to make it to the doctors, but the symptoms and the rash points to it.

On my last expo in London, which I have not managed to blog about yet (where is that worst blogger award yet?), one of the lovely representatives gave me What Skin Needs Skin Balm assuring, that it heals all. I was very skeptical, but when going through my stash I found it, and guess what, it is definitely helping! If only I could get Stumble Puppy to try it out on his poor hands.

Packaging of the product is very simple, but not off putting as some medical creams could be, it is just standard white sturdy packaging with some claims on the front with a clear name of the product and directions on the back. You would expect this product be very greasy, non absorbing and very thick, but it is non of those things. It is thin consistency, while staying hydrating, it absorbs quickly but leaves your skin moisturized for ages. It has nearly non existent (you can only feel it if you sniff from up close) herbal scent. It is created for sensitive, allergic, troublesome skin and it really seems to heal it all.

Sometimes I would also use it overnight for a mosquito bite or a hurting spot, even some breakouts, and it helps to reduce irritation, calm the skin. It seems to be having a wonderful power of renewing skin cells and making your skin baby like again.

Besides having wonderful healing properties, this balm is made of natural ingredients, not tested on animals and suitable for pregnant women and children over 2 years,

If you have any skin irritations, eczema, or itchy skin in general, and have no idea how to cope with it, I highly recommend this cream!

P.S. If only I could get Stumble Puppy to try it out!

P.P.S. I keep getting comments, that I only write positive reviews on my blog, and while I do have couple negative, it is true, because if product is remarkable, you definitely want to write about it, and if sucks, or is mediocre, all you wanna do, is just put it away and forget about it and move on to a new exciting product waiting to be tested. However, negative or not, all my opinions are personal, honest and not affected in anyway, regardless whether I got product for testing purposes, or bough it with my own money.

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