Inhair shop: virtual tour (and a confession)

Hello there!

Let me just establish this once and forever, I might dream to one day become a famous blogger, but it will never happen. And you know, why? Because I am the worst blogger on earth. Seriously, when they finally host that award ceremony I will be first to go the carpet of shame. This post is so much overdue, that I don't even want to look at when the photos were taken, but it was months ago. The thing with me and blogging is, that I have a strong belief that I should put 110 percent of effort in my work (yes, I dare to call it work), and do it really good or not do at all. To put all my effort in blog posts become very difficult, when you have a very stress and tension based work, as well as depression and anxiety, because sometimes it is very hard to get out to bed, yet alone, put all you have in your blog post or sometimes you just don't have anything. Anyhow, that's my excuse and I hope you will understand. I always feel like adding health category and talking more about mental health, but I am not sure how much I am ready to open up and how many people are ready to accept honesty or are interested in this subject matter.

Anyhow, can we finally talk about probably the most knowledgeable and plentiful store in Vilnius, which specializes in hair care. You can find it in Zygio street (Zygio g. 90), a little trip off the city center, but totally worth it. I have never been treated with such good customer care anywhere else. The store carries many different brands of hair care, which makes it easy to get overwhelmed, such as Tigi, Matrix, Davines, Keune, Kerastase, Sebastian, R.e.f., Tangle Teezer ,even Paul Mitchell, correct me, if I am wrong, but you can't easily get those anywhere else physically in Lithuania, and many more, even men will find what they need, and not only for their head hair.

Thankfully all sales assistants are ready to help you, making to the exchange process very special as well. This is not one of those stores, where you just go in, grab a product of the shelf, pay and leave. With the choice they have, that would be virtually impossible. Every single customer is asked, which brands they prefer, what hair type they have, what they have tried before, and based by that, you get hair care products specifically for your hair, as well as couple samples if you are interested in something else.

I seriously need a new phone, since quality of those photos is becoming unacceptable....

Seriously though, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the brands there are, but do not worry, you would be blown away how much sales assistants know about each product, they are constantly learning, they work with many professionals, so they need to know their stuff, but it doesn't mean that they won't share their knowledge with the "random customer from the street".

They are also very up there with the innovative hair game, and are offering Proplex, by R.E.F: very innovative product in every day hairdresser's life. It is a five ingredient mix, created by scientists, which together should heal your damaged hair. In other words, it is a unique complex which should help to heal and restore hair, while dying them.

As mentioned above, not only you can get all the products for your hair care, you could also buy brushes, which is necessary if you want your hair to stay healthy and look nice. I know, what I am saying, since when I, and Stumble Puppy traveled to Stockholm, we both forgot to pack a hair brush and had to do with the hotel comb. Poor Stumble Puppy was employed to do my hair every single time after shower, since I couldn't even get the comb in my tangled hair. Don't repeat my mistake, and buy (and then pack) a hairbrush from the shop!

If you want a deep, professional consultation, are at loss with what you should use on your hair, because nothing seems to be cutting it, I highly encourage you to pay a visit to this store and leave happy.

What's you favorite hair product brand? Where do you buy your hair care? Let me know!

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