GK Natural Creations: Rejuvenating Facial Oil


Not only is my blog itself is making fun of me showing me how to use it, but words are also escaping my mind. I keep constantly asking myself: words, what are they and how do I use them and that's totally not the best question to be asking yourself when trying to compose a blogpost, so if I am a bit incoherent, please forgive me. You know what I have noticed in my short tiny blogging career? It is very hard to surprise me, but if I find a brand which does, all I wanna use from that point on, is their products. It was the case with Rossi Uvema, so it is with GK Natural Creations, and I am not saying that purely because they have amazing owners behind the brand, but also because their products speak for themselves.

You probably remember me praise their body scrub, and I was given an opportunity to try couple more products, and one of them was their facial oil. My best friend has the privilege to hear me squeak about the things, and she won't let me lie, the very first time I used the oil, I already knew I am gonna love it. And I do.

Every time I get an amazing product, it is very hard to write a comprehensive review, because all I feel like doing is telling you "go buy it, because I told you so!", and while it works for my bestie, I am sure it is not the best way to be treating my readers. I have a confession to make, I don't like facial oils. They are thick, slimy, oily and takes ages to absorb. Apparently I was trying the wrong ones. This one is an opposite of everything I just said. It is light, it has a slight herbal, but pleasant scent, it has a very light texture, and every single time I go to apply it on my face, I stand there in ave, because if I didn't see with my own eyes, I would never tell it is an oil. It feels like a light, good quality moisturizer. The best way I find to apply it, is spray some toner before hand, and then massage the oil in, but if you are in a hurry, it applies perfectly on damp skin as well. The ingredients list is very clean, but rich, and all those oils combined makes a perfect product. My skin is feeling hydrated, I haven't had breakouts in ages (touch wood), it feels even and my hands are reaching for the oil over any other moisturizer, which is a very rare occurrence, so it just goes to show you what a wonderful product this is, with affordable price range as well. If you live in United Kingdom, you can buy it here, and my international readers can get their hands on it on LoveLula's webpage.

So once again this is a product you simply HAVE to try, even if you don't like facial oils. If you do, this is an awesome product to add into your collection, having good quality, pure ingredients and your skin would be happy to be treated.

Do you use facial oils? Do you have your favorite? Do let me know!

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