Kiehls has come to Lithuania!

Hello, my dear readers!

I am sorry this post is coming up later than it should have, but I have had a very traumatizing experience which I can't share publicly and then there was no electricity in my flat.

All the beauty addicts has rushed to one of the shopping centers in Lithuania, Panorama, this morning, to see a miracle - I am pretty sure nobody ever dreamed of Kiehl's opening in our country. But they did and are here to stay, as I was told by a lovely assistant whose name I forgot to ask. I was determined not to buy anything there since I am on the budget right now, but take a wild guess how that went.

Kiehl's concept in every country is the same, making it very easy to navigate wherever in the world you might be. They have all their products by categories: body care, hair care, face care, men care (maybe I should get Stumble Puppy something?) and customer favorites. All displays were so clean and white, that my camera was freaking out, and I also had to dive among people trying to take pictures of the display, so please forgive me, if they aren't in the best quality, one day I will learn to be that glamorous blogger whose photos are magazine worthy.

As a true beauty blogger, I couldn't leave without having a skin consultation. You are sat down on the chair, all the attention is on you, and you get tested with little strips to know what skin type you have. My skin is pretty dry, which is a bit surprising, since it can be very acne prone, but I do tend to get dry patches, and I was shown quite a few products which can target to certain products you have. You also get five samples, so you can try the products at home, and see how you like it, and there is an opportunity to repeat the consultation until you find the best one.

What I also liked, was very knowledgeable assistants, who wasn't using sales push techniques, but rather introducing you to the products, and targeting them to your own skin needs. As mentioned, I was on the budget, and I told that to the person assisting me, so she helped me to choose couple of products I could use to get ac customized myself to them and find the perfect one. I was also very surprised as to how generous they were in samples, and as a hoarder (although I do plan on using them), that made my little heart very happy.

Being treated so nicely and having all attention focused on me for more than fifteen minutes, I couldn't have left empty handed, so it was only natural to pick up at least couple of things, so I got a mini size of body lotion (I kind of needed a light one for summer) and mini size conditioner, but I will definitely be back once my budget is better and my beauty ban is over.

Have you been to Kiehl's yet? Did you buy something? Do you have something in your wish list? Do let me know!

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