My Current Pamper Routine

Hello there!

I have a confession to make, I have no idea how people manage to own one piece of each skincare item and be happy with it. While I do get the idea of minimalism and I am trying to clear out my home using KonMari method (though we will talk about it some other time), when it comes to clothes and skincare, I have no idea how I will manage. For one, I am a moody person, and for other, as a beauty blogger, I like and I do have a choice. I will be honest with you, I like to have a choice and thinking of owning like seven skincare items and that is it, makes me feel physically ill.

This post is called "current routine", simply because that's what I am reaching for recently, but nobody is to say, I will still be doing the same two weeks from now. My best friend won't let me lie, when I say pamper, I do mean pamper, and I go all the way with my facial treatment. Yes, it is as extensive that it can be called "a treatment". Usually I do them at nights, but with experimenting, I noticed, that if I plan to wear makeup or go to an event, is very beneficial to do just before you apply your makeup, since it makes a huge difference and makeup goes on so much smoothly. Just a warning, this won't be a full review blog post, I will just tell you my choices and few words about them.

At the moment I am obsessed with Ossetra cleanser. I only have two samples of 10ml, but this the best smelling cleanser I have tried, and the effects it provides, are very surprising. I have a strict policy not to blog about samples, but I love this product so much, it deserves an honorable mention. Besides, a little goes a long way and the packet lasts you at least a week.

Then I would go into exfoliating my face. My go to facial scrubs at the moments are Lithuanian Company, Rasa Facial Scrub, or Korean one, Tony Moly Latte Art (which I am now realizing I forgot to include in the picture, so forgive me). The latter is warming on your face, and if I feel like I need the "real spa" feel, I will reach for that one. They both work wonderfully, and leaves your face clean.

Did you think I would make this without mentioning Lush? Then you don't know me at all :). This would be time for my first face mask, and I choose fresh Lush masks. At the moment I have Prince of Darkness (Oxford Exclusive) and Cup O' Coffee in my fridge, so I will choose between those two. The first one is relaxing, and clearing, meanwhile the second one is really good if your skin feels drier or you have dry patches.

Once I rinsed the mask, I won't stop there. Now would be the time for a sheet mask. I usually choose Korean sheet masks, but despite having many, seems I have whoozed through them, and now I am stuck with Earth Kiss . Not that those are bad (look out for review soon), I just got used to the other ones and prefer them to anything.

Then there would be time for a serum, and since I don't really have one I like at the moment, I dig into my sample collection. I assure you, the choice is there, and the picture above is just to illustrate and make this post more alive, because I doubt it you will make it to this point if there weren't any photos.

To top it all on and to lock the moisture in, I would go in with a moisturizer. At the moment I am using Biotherm one, but I don't find it to be spectacular, it just promises extra hydration for 48hours and I am pretending it is what it does :).

Trust me, to do the routine takes me quicker than to write this post, but my skin is thankful for the treatment for couple next days, and I found this is the only way to cope with my dry patches. Do you have a pamper routine? Is it extensive? Or are you are believer that a cleanser and a moisturizer will do it all? Please let me know, I really want your input :).

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