GK Natural Creations: Lavender Scrub*


Believe it or not, even when I am on my downiest moments, I prioritize expos highly and I prepare for them explicitly. For most of the part, at least. We won't mention how I failed to realize how huge Cosmoprof was, and only do one third of it, but we will talk about it some other time. I do go through participants lists carefully and try to contact companies I would like to work with, and some of them happily agree.

When I was preparing for Natural&Organic Products London 2016, I was very surprised, when I got a reply in Lithuanian to my English email, but it is nice to meet same nationality people in expos, who share your passion for beauty, and even nicer to see Stumble Puppy's confused face when I break out in other language than English (in the best way possible). Anyway, one of those brands was GK Natural Creations, who was very kind in praises for my blog and provided the scrub for review purposes.

Oh man, did I know what a treat it was, I would have asked for couple of jars :). Even trying it on the spot, Stumble Puppy asked me, if I could get that, and save it for our next trip, since according to him it made my skin stunningly smooth, I am not sure there will be any left by July, but I will try my best :). As you already know, I have been really stressed out recently mental health wise, so one thing I have find out helps me to unwind, it is Lavender showers, since I do not own a bathtub.

I do go all the way there, I use GK Natural Creations Lavender body scrub, Lush Serendipity soap along with Dream Wash and then slather on Dream Cream, and finally finish it off with L'occitane pillow spray. It does help to rewind, but today we are here to talk about the scrub.

Every time I use it, I keep reading the ingredient list, because I can't believe how something so simple can be so wonderful. It is milled perfectly, the oil and salt is combined in perfect proportions, so that it is scrubby enough, and not too oily, at the same time being not too oily and having exfoliating properties. When in contact to the damp skin, it softens, but not melts, and reveals it's wonderful aroma, which immediately takes you out of this world and makes you feel like you are in the most expensive spa. So as you have already gathered, it has most relaxing scent, it is perfect consistency and leaves your skin moisturized just as much as you need to. I have tried many scrubs in my life, but this one beats them all in a matter of eye's blink. You are wondering where you could find this treat? Well, right this way! I honestly don't know the better deal for your money.

You know, how in the commercials they like to say "Made with Love"? Well, if something was, you better believe it was this scrub.

Are you a big scrub user? Or do you feel it is unnecessary step in your routine? Do let me know in the comment section, let's talk and engage!

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