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Good morning!

You probably figured, that I am sick yet again, and it has been quite a few extremely difficult days to manage ever since I got back from Italy. I seem to be unable to even take care of myself (I freaking fainted on the way to the bathroom last night!), my self-esteem dropped under sea level, my eating patterns are messed up and don't even get me started on crying fits, one day I have an embarrassing 141 steps on my pedometer. You do the math..

You probably can imagine, that to compose a blog post feeling like this is like running a marathon, which I can't master by no means. But I will tell you about all that some other time. When I can muster whatever last energy I have left, I head to Lush and try not to spend all my money there. I think, I have been heading down there way too often recently, that I am just left to be there alone without nobody asking if I need any help. I guess they assume I know it all anyway. And yes, after this post I am heading towards Lush just to lurk around in the corner until someone kicks me out..

Going to Lush, can be very overwhelming, it is all different, they have everything from bath bombs to toothpaste (yes, toothpaste), so I am here to tell you how not to get lost and leave empty handed. We all know, what Lush is, right? In case you have been living under the rock, I would let you know, that it is fresh, handmade cosmetics, made using fair trade ingredients, and as much as possible natural ingredients as possible in their products.

Firstly, set the budget, do you wanna spend twenty, thirty, fifty euros in there? It is all up to you, but having the budget would help you not to spend more money than intended and end up with things you didn't need. Having said that, SPEAK, with sales associates. I know many people, especially Lithuanians get taken a back when asked if they need help, but sales associates go through excessive training, and if you communicate your needs, wishes and scents you love and hate, they are there to chose that perfect product for you. I have discovered many great products that way, brazened honey, fx. Also, remember, you are not committed in anyway, you can always say, "thanks, I am just looking around", and I promise they will leave you alone. However, if you do wanna know more about product more, have in mind, that not only do they go through elaborate training, they also try most of their products themselves. I actually like chatting with the girls, not only for the knowledge, but also to hear funny, interesting stories about product and customers.

So, now you have established your budget, favorite scents, whether or not you wanna speak with sales representative. Next step, try to categorize which product you want: is it for your face, is if for your skin, do you need a shower gel, do you need fresh face mask, or do you just want to treat yourself to a luxurious bath bomb? Or maybe a soap for your guest bathroom? Or a massage bar for the sneaky play with your other half? That would help you narrow down your options a bit, and guide you around the store, instead of running from corner to corner not knowing where to start.

I seem to have failed to take a picture of the massage bars, so I will just tell you, don't miss out on them, at least give them a good sniff and try it on your body, and then there will be no going back. That's another exclusive feature lush has, you can sniff/try/touch everything, and, let me spill a secret for you, if you ask nicely and show true interest, they will even do a live demo of the products on you! Since we are on the secrets, I am sure you all noticed a little sticker on every bottled or potted product, telling you who and when made it, and how long it last. But did you know, that if you peel that sticker off, there is a different secret message on every bottle? :) And last, not that secret thing, if you collect and bring five empty black pots to the store, you can exchange it for a free fresh face mask :).

And the last thing, I wanna touch upon, is their collections. Lush comes out with a new limited collection with nearly every occasion you can think off: Valentines day, Easter, Mothers Day, Halloween, Christmas, and god forbids, if you fall in love with one of their products after the collection is taken away from the shelves, because that literally means having to wait another year to pick up a bottle, and sometimes they might not come up with the same product, perfect example would be this year's Yummy Mummy for Mother's Day, I hated last years so much that I still have half of 100g bottle left, but I am really considering picking up this years.

I failed to take a picture of Easter collection for unknown reason, but here you can see this year's Valentine's and Mother's day one.

Another thing, anytime you buy something at lush, you can ask for the samples of the products you would like to buy, but aren't sure, they are very generous with their samples, and let me tell me, this a way to get hooked up (Fair Traded Honey shampoo, I am looking at you).

I hope you find this post helpful and next time you step in, you won't feel like you want to run away screaming :). There is so much more to Lush, than mentioned here, the very famous Kitchen, for example, but about that some other time.

What is your favorite thing about Lush? Do you visit frequently? What posts regarding Lush you would like to read next? Please let me know!

P.s. I am not sure what happened to the resolution of some of those photos, my camera must have gotten overwhelmed by the beauty, that Lush is :)

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