Lush yet again: Dream wash smoothie review


Can we take a moment and praise technologies? If not them (or my new tablet in this case), my blog would be dead and, approaching Cosmoprof Bologna 2016, this is a very bad sign. By the way, how do things know, when it's worst time to break? Admitedly, I choose topics which requires less attention since writing from tablet can be a wee complicated and then I am faced with an issue of properly uploading photos from the camera.

As it is probably clear by now, I am a total Lush convert (and trying to drag my friends, coworkers and readers down the same road- raise your hand if you are one of them already!) , and , granted, if Lush was one of those door to door religion persons, I might be the first in line and would be very very pestering. Side note: I really need to organize my Lush stash and introduce collection to you :).

Due to my wallet's disappointment, my visits to the store are getting more and more frequent, recently my mental health issues are really acting up and getting bad, worse out of control ? - its really hard to find right words for those emotions... I am not sure what's the right term underlying the feeling and Lush seems to be helping me to keep away from jumping off the bridge (Emotional support line in Lithuania, nr. 880028888) . With those quite frequent visits to s shop I am reaching such a level of trust in some of sales assistants, that if they tell me to buy a product, I do and it was H'suan Wen Hua (who creates those names?????) hair treatment which jumped in my cart last time. I will be sure to report on that later.

But this time, it is not about that. Due to my huge disappointment, I am somehow trying to catch up on Lush when they are taking things off shelves or reformulating them, and sadly Dream Wash Smoothie is one of those products. It is being reformulated in a solid roulade form (LUSH!, oh LUSH!, what are you thinking??? ), being not a solid soap fan myself, I had to jump a chance to grab a pot of it just before it went off the shelves. And as the luck would have had it, I must raise the question once again, as with the all the things which are being reformulated or/and discontinued, why didn't I pick up at least three pots?...I am half way through the jar and I think it is safe to say, that it will be missing from my life. Is it too naive to expect it will come as a Kitchen item one day?

I bet you are already mad at me for not expressing clearly, what on earth it is! It is a miracle product, as from what I heard is a skin savior from egzema sufferers! Basically, it is very creatively created chamomile, lavender, and, surprisingly, rose absolute concoction, which sounds repulsing at first, but, once it contacts with water and skin it fills the room with that familiar relaxing SPA aroma, which as mentioned above, really helps when my mental disorders are skyrocketing, not only does it calm down my mood, it also smooths the skin. Upon writing those words despite already using it in the mornin, I already want to come home and wash my skin once again! Contrary to the different Lush body washes, the scent does not linger too long on the skin, but I imagine it would be godly on those with sensitive skin, especially seeing that its enriched with calomime powder, aloe vera and tea tree. Tecnically, it is a soap, but its consistency reminds me of a cross between a thick body lotion and a shaving foam which I just love to slather all over my body.. As you could probably see from the ingredients list and my impressions, this is calming, soothing body wash which also moisturizes and calms the skin and if you have sensitive one, do give this body wash a shout out.

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