Lush obsession continues: Ro's Argan Conditioner


Day three of blogging everyday and once again I fail. Firstly, it was due to extreme migraine like headaches, then simply because due to doctors visits and work I am out and about for 12hours, and not only that I don't want to, I physically can't blog anymore. So, what is left? To smile, shrug and start again.

On that note, I will let you on a little secret. I am obsessed. I would like to say addicted, but,frankly, that word is too weak to express the scale of obsession. I am pretty sure that I have been bitten by a demon, a Lush demon, which, just like in those zombie movies, goes „LUSH.....LUSH...LUSH...“. Not only don't I want to use anything else but Lush in the shower, the said demon is tempting me to replace all my stash to Lush products, and it also conquers my mind making me blog about them alone.

Have you guessed what this post is about yet? It is not that often, that I get a product and want to do a review immediately on it, but Lush's Ro's Argan body conditioner was a different case. I knew from the sample alone, that this is something I won't be able to live without, and bit the bullet in purchasing the whole jar. I never regretted! I had to hold myself back from praising the product after the very first use, but now I used up 1/3 of the jar and can totally justify writing about it at this point!

The nature of the product can be rather intimidating and I wouldn't be surprised if you hesitate to pick it up since as a body conditioner it might just seem as unnecessary step in the shower, but once you try it, there is no coming back, trust me on this! This product is enriched with various high quality oils and butters (argan, cocoa, cupuacu, brazil nut ) and that reflects in the consistency, it is rather thick (thicker than a hair mask), but really smooth and once in contact with water, goes on very easy. It smells of heaven. Seriously.People say that it smells of roses, but I don't even like roses that much, and I definitely don't feel like it is a base note, probably because its mixed with geranium and lemon essential oils. Besides its perfect consistency, out of this world scent, it is also really hydrating and I don't need to use any other moisturizer between the showers. It leaves your skin silky smooth, and don't be surprised, if it boosts your self confidence and both that, and the scent makes heads turn!

I will be very blunt and honest here, not only have I used a bad word in the shower while using it (simply because I realized I am gonna need a full jar asap, I have also told all my friends that I had showergasm and there was no coming back! Granted, this is a bit pricey (around 25Eur per pot), but a real indulgence and I would recommend you pick it up as a payday treat!

What's your ultimate Lush product? Do you use body conditioners? Have you been bitten by a Lush demon? Do let me know in the comments down bellow!

Behind the scenes: while typing finishing touches on this post (I had it started earlier this week), my internet disappeared about 11 types (okay maybe 4, but still), my photocamera gave me a potential heart attack by not turning on, I got a papercut and broke a cup. May I get a permission to kick the next person who says blogging is not a job in the nuts??

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