Scentered: Stress Less Therapy Balm*

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I have set myself a challenge to post at least once a day, despite how hard it might be, balancing between work and my personal life. Recently I am like a ticking bomb and don't you dare going closer to me than 10meters or I might explode. Someone treat me to LUSH, pretty please??? Or install a bathtub in my appartment. Or come with a broom and help me tidy up. Did I get my point across? I am stressed out, okay??!! Cake and icecream on my doorstep more than welcome.

Sometimes, juggling life can be very challenging, and we all need that one moment to stop and relax, but who has time in this dynamic environment? Although being a blogger does come with many perks, a clutter is inevitable occurrence, and sometimes products get chucked away. However, when I was reading through my old blog posts, and came upon the post on last's years Natural Products Europe (psttt.! we decided to organize a little weekend getaway and I am going this year too! Welcome Oxford Street Lush; goodbye money), I was reminded I had this beauty laying around. So in my handbag it popped and I have been carrying it around for quite a few weeks now.

Photo credit: Stumble Puppy!

Let's look at the packaging, shall we? I feel like they have created a perfect balance between it being compact enough, yet durable to carry in the mess, which woman's handbag can be. My handbag is always overpacked, and I never know what's in it, but therapy balm has held strongly. Well, let's not be sexist here, it will be able to withstand man's pocket as well. Green, together with purple, are my favorite colors, and we all know, that green has been proven to have calming properties. Thirdly, blury, faint, but still recognizable outlines of the bird and flowers do speak „peace“. And, of course, the guidelines, inviting you to stop, inhale and reset.

I am sure my loyal readers already know it, but if you are new (welcome!), let me tell you, that anytime I see/hear „neroli“ in the scents description, I simply have to get my hands on the product, and I don't even want to know what it is! I am a loyal fan of everything and anything neroli scented. Add mandarin and chamomile to the mix, and you are in for the treat. I don't know how much of this is placebo effect, but I do feel like it helps me to go through the day without murdering someone.

I also adore this being a solid stick, I do love essential oils here and there, but god forbids they spill out (welcome my hatred to ylang ylang which broke on the way in the post, and I can't even come near the scent. Scentered also helps to eliminate the over complicated process with the essential oil bottles and the burners, and although sometimes I don't mind, it is nice to have an easier option, and I am sure my work won't approve fire at the work stations, no matter how much I would like a scented candle once in a while there.

After-all, this is a great handy product, and if you would like to have the benefits of aromatherapy which fits in your handbag and if you wish to have couple of seconds for yourself, accompanied by a lovely scent , to restore your faith in humanity, consider investing in one. Not that they are too much on investment, being 14.50GBP each They are sold exclusive at Space NK, as well as here, if you would like to get your hands on them!

What helps you relax? Have you got any go to products? Let me know in the comments down below, I am curious!

P.s. While writing this post, internet has crashed four times, and I still didn't throw my laptop out of the window, so it's yet another proof, that the balm works, right?

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