Brazened Honey: Fresh mask review


My Lush addiction is progressing to an extreme, and even though I have had slightly disappointing visits recently, I can't help it. I am trying to save up for upcoming trip, so it is going to take all will power not to go back and pick up more products this month, but the more of their things I use, the more I realize how much they are needed in my life.

Everyone seems to be raving about Lush fresh masks and for some reason I was never too drawn into them and their fridge section with masks wasn't the one i would head to once entering a store. I am not sure whether its because its not in the convenient package we are all used to, or whether the colors and consistency just scared me away, it could have also been the fact that you need to store it the fridge and use it up quickly. But once you are willing to look past that, you are in for a treat! If I have to be 100% honest, price and quality wise its probably the best product out there on the market. I still have to try one I wasn't in love with how it left my skin feeling. Now I have a burning desire to try all of them and next on my list is Don't look at me. However, I am reviewing Brazened Honey one today.

It is bright yellow and it has chucks of stuff (ginger?) in it and you feel light tingling once its on the face. It smells lovely, even though I can't pinpoint of exactly what, but definitely pleasing for your nose. I find that it dries really quickly, in the span of five to seven minutes, so you can use it when your skin is in need of pick me up moment but you don't have too much time on your hands. Once you wash it out, you will be impressed since it leaves your skin silky smooth and baby like (not in a creepy way!), visibly cleaner in clogged pores area, and refreshed. I have seen people using their hands to apply those masks, but do to their consistency, I prefer a face mask brush which I got cheaply of ebay. Since it is kept in the fridge, it also has a benefit of being nice and cooling on your face, so I bet it would be a treat in the summer! Yes, you do look creepy (warn family members or your second half before applying), but the result is totally worth it and rewarding. So, it comes with no surprise, that is another Lush product I highly recommend!

Do you apply masks often? Have you tried Lush's masks yet? What's your favorite? Do let me know in the comments bellow!

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