Lush Vanilarly Solid Perfume review


You know, I held a meeting with myself and decided to claim this week Lush week and blog exclusively about them for seven days! Why? Because I want to and because my hands seem to reach out for solely their products in and after the shower. As well as to nudge you to visit their shop until they still have some products on sale. As you probably know, they are big on youtube and once you search for Lush Haul be prepared to lose a few (or a lot) hours of your life. This time I am reviewing a little miracle in a tiny pot - vanilarly solid perfume. Granted its not as popular as their other products, but if someone does talk about them, its only praises. When i sniffed and tried it in the store, i didn't fell head over heels over it, but decided to pick it up anyway. And oh my, how glad am I, I did. Once outside, it reveals its true colors and it smells divine. Its so good, I am considering to pick up back up, if they still have it next time i am in store, cause if leaks are anything to go by, its being discontinued. Why, Lush, why? :(

I am terrible at describing scents but it smells like a fancy bakery in a very good way. As the name suggests, the main note is vanilla and in no way does it remind sickly sweet vanilla essence, it is more of a very good quality vanilla seeds type of scent. Then it has a slight floral scent, which is undoubtedly jasmine. And I never was a fan of jasmine, but it seems like as with roses, Lush is totally changing my perception of scents.

As for packaging, you might be a bit off put at first, but if you think about it, its compact, meaning that you can have it in your purse, in your pocket, even in your carry on. Secondly, its solid so you dont have to worry about it spilling all over or exploding under a flight. Thirdly, its a little treat for yourself which you can rub on your pulse points anytime you need a little pick me up moment.

Is it clear yet that I am in love? Overall, if you want a really indulgent treat at a very affordable price, run to your local Lush, until they still have them in stock.

Have you ever tried Lush perfumes? Whats your favorite? Please do let me know.

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