Lush: Jersey Bounce shampoo review

Reader warning: you are advised to read this under your own risk, since this post might be spreading a dangerous, contagious virus which leads to be addicted to Lush for life and author of this blogpost wont be held responsible. Despite the fact of Lush being on the market for 20years, there are still people who never heard of them and it baffles my mind, because they must have been living under a giant rock.

Yes, you will be seeing plenty reviews of Lush products on my blog because my house is somehow becoming a mini Lush store. It has gotten so bad, that when yesterday morning I washed my hair with Jersey Bounce shampoo, and slathered my body in Grass shower gel, I reached for non-Lush hair treatment, I realized I cant stand the scent. And it wasn't like that before Lush.

Anyhow, today I am reviewing one of their salt shampoos. One of the most popular ones, is Big and people are raving about it, but I was hesitant since its quite far from conventional ones. However while snooping around in the Lush I saw that Jersey Bounce is on sale, and at first sniff I knew I had to get it. It can be quite fun to use it, you scoop it out, rub between your palms (don't skip that step!) and apply all over your hair.

I am not gonna lie, it is weird. It was too weird even for me until I got used to it. Not only it has chunks of salt, but it also contains fresh eggs. And honey. Needless to say it smells like honey lemon tea. It lathers surprisingly well, smells divine and leaves your hair clean and shiny and adds a bit texture. However, I find it slightly drying, so a hair treatment is a must afterwards and it might not be suitable for bleached hair. As you can tell, I really enjoyed a product and I will definitely be repurchasing it.

Did I tempt you yet??? Are you a type of person who always need a second opinion? If mine is not enough, follow my friend's from Lithuanian Beauty Blog words of wisdom "it should be illegal to make such amazing cosmetics. Simply illegal".

Are you Lush addict? Do you have any hair treatment recommendations from them? Do let me know down bellow!

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