Rambling Beauty Shops: Lush Edition

Well hello there!

I am pretty sure you didn't expect to see me here anymore, and here am I, still alive. I have never neglected my blog in my head, but with depression and anxiety flare ups, I had enough trouble to take care of myself, let alone sit down to type up the blog post and make it sound natural. I am sure I said this before, but I have to be in a certain "right" state of mind, other wise it makes me feel like the posts aren't honest and seems forced, so I am sorry about that. I have decided I am gonna try slowly get back in track, first blogging about simple things, maybe do couple of tags, and then get into my usual review posts. If there are any of the fellow bloggers reading, can you please tell me where you get motivation to transfer your ideas on to digital paper? It is not that I don't have products/ideas what to write about, it is more that I can't be bothered (for the lack of better word) to translate it to a digital paper.

Anyhow, as I am sure you can gather, I might have done couple trips over to Lush shop, simply because they were having sales and I got sucked in. Badly. The fact that their products are getting more and more natural, that they are hyped up all over YouTube and they have made changes in the staff towards better is not helping either. I am sure my wallet is not too happy about me. On top of my rising addiction, I somehow managed to win their Instagram contest and now half of my bath products consist of Lush. You can bet, that there are gonna be many reviews all over the blog in upcoming weeks. Hint: the brazened honey mask is heaven sent!

So, I am not quite sure how, but I have acquired quite a few shower gels, and for the one (Grass) I am blaming lovely sales assistant, because she managed to sell me one AFTER I said that more shower gels is the least I need. Olive Branch and Prince Charming (I left it out the photo) must be their best selling products, because unless you been living under the rock, you sure heard about it?

Then we have Lord of Misrule, which is their Halloween edition, I picked it up the small bottle just to test out the waters, and after the first wash, I knew I have to get a big bottle!

I am not sure whether I heard much of the Yuzu and Cocoa, but this is one of those products which you sniff at the store and promise yourself you won't be getting, but eventually you leave with a bottle. A big one. I am not even sorry.

Dream wash is again very hyped product, which required me to sniff it several times before getting used to (or should I say falling in love with) the scent, but once I did, there was no going back.

Then I kind of ventured to look around what other things were on sale not intending to buy any, but we all know that didn't happened. On a total whim I picked up Brazened Honey fresh face mask, and this might have been the best purchase, because not only it works wonders, but also helped me to win a contest and I never win anything.

Total blind purchase was body dust Silky underwear, which I really enjoy, and even more than I ever expected. I don't really have an opinion on 9to5 face cleanser yet, but all I heard was good things, so I am pretty sure it will live up to my expectations.

I know many people are ranting about Vanilarly perfume being discontinued so I gave it a sniff last night and needless to say, it had to go home with me. I was a bit in doubt whether I made a good decision picking it up but as soon as I went outside and it reacted with the air, I loved it sooo much. Aaaand I forgot to take a photo of that..

I also know many people are loving Big salt shampoo, but I am not sure if we have that in my country, but I saw Jersey Bounce and decided to give it a whirl. I have already tried it a few times, and although concept is a bit strange (you are rubbing salt on your head!), I still really love it and I think it will be the first product I will be reviewing on the blog.

And finally, the part you are waiting the most for, I am gathering. What was the prize??? I was quite impressed, because there was a good assortment of the products there, and I am sure I will make quite a few of you jealous now. Firstly, we have cup of coffee face and body mask. I am ashamed to admit this, but I did buy it several months ago and then totally neglected it, and it got rotten. So I am quite happy to actually try it this time. Then we have Dark Angels facial cleanser, which is charcoal based, so it makes you look like a chimney sweeper, but if you know me, you would know that the weirder the better, so I can't wait to give this a go. Then there is their new item, Oral pleasures, which is essentially a toothpaste in a chewable tablets form, so I am quite stoked for that. And last, but not least, their Maypol soap, which looks so pretty I don't really wanna use it.

So here you have it, that's where all my money has been going to recently. Do you have Lush in your city? Do you have favorite product? Feed my addiction. :)

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