Makeup2go makeup school, lesson 1

Did I ever tell you that my biggest dream is to make a living out of blogging? If not, I am telling you now. I know it sounds crazy, but it is actually possible, and I really hope I will be lucky enough for that to become true one day. Meanwhile, I have a full time job, and if I have to be hundred percent honest with you, sometimes I feel like it is an obstacle to blogging, because quite often events fell in the middle of the day, and I can't attend them, therefore loosing opportunities for networking and collaborations. Once in a while, I am having an inspiration and typing away like crazy, and the real work disturbs me and I loose my, apparently, ironic train of mind. So meanwhile I will try blogging in my free time or when I get a minute at work, and dream away of it being a real job in the future.

Anyhow, I have an opportunity at my job to request certain shifts if I do it early in advance, and plan accordingly, so already in July I knew I am going to be attending makeup school in November. No, I am not planning to be a professional makeup artist, but I really need to know how to glam myself up, especially if I am going to meetings or events, and want to look like a sophisticated blogger :). Granted, there are million youtubers out there with so many tutorials, and way too many hours spent watching them still doesn't help all the time, so I decided that know hows would be very useful in this case.

Honestly, I am not sure why I decided to choose makeup2go school, but after the first lesson impressions are more than positive. The lecturer has finished school in Paris, and let me tell you, this was possible to see during the lecture. Since it was the first one, we covered the basics, such as preparing your face for the base, contouring and creating a "board" for further eye makeup.

We used professional cosmetics, such as Make Up Forever, Inglot, SLA. The room was relatively small, so we could see each other and the teacher properly, the theory part was explained shortly, but clearly, and I felt really confident (well, almost), when it came to trying out in practice. I also liked the fact, that besides there being three huge mirrors, we also had a portable mirror each, so we could see what we or the lecturer is showing on our faces.

I did know the basic rules for the defining face features, however it seems I have been doing it slightly wrong the whole time. Now I know, what exactly I need to hide/accentuate on my face and how to do it. I feel like there was plenty of attention paid to an individual girl and their skin tone/face features and basically being point out where exactly you should apply a certain product. I, for example, got to know that I have relatively high forehead and now I know how to make it appear smaller.

Since this time it was such a basic lesson, I didn't take a selfie, but I will do it next times, so you can see what we learn and how I am doing.

Have you ever considered going to makeup school? Maybe you went to one? Do let me know :)

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