Riga, #1: how it almost didn't happen, hotel and a panic attack

Well hello hello there!

I'm a terrible planner and even if I plan everything down to the smallest details something will definitely go wrong. So I gave up planning long ago. As per recent experience, this might not be the best idea. Although I didn't plan, things still went wrong. To start with I went to turn on my camera less than 12hours before I had to leave and it simply wouldn't show any signs of life. So that was frustrating. I was left with taking pictures with my phone and the stupid thing won't focus most of the time, so sorry for the quality in advance. Okay.. I took a closer look at the pictures and so many of them are blurry and almost unusable. Although I am highly against not using your own photos, I am going to have to in this case. You live and learn, I guess. Someone wants to give me a phone which takes proper pictures? I am in! And the hug before I launch into crying fit?

Then small things would start happening. Such a minor detail as me not finding that or the other, or setting my packed makeup bag on the counter and overseeing it therefore turning my house upside down trying to figure out where I put it. And yes I know its just a silly thing to do, but I might have had a freak out moment and didn't wanna go anywhere anymore. The temptation to curl into the ball and cry was huge, let me tell you that. But I have collected myself and got everything I needed and even over packed.

Going to Riga was a really quick and painless journey with Lux Express. They have a free coffee machine, reclining seats, WiFi, and there are sockets by each seat. On the return trip it got even fancier, with the entertainment system in front of each seat and even free headphones if you don't have to happen to have your own. If that is not the most painless way to travel, I don't know what is.

Finding Europa Royale Riga hotel was fairly easy as well despite that my GPS mislead me and i ended up going the longest way possible. I got there early and the room wasn't ready yet so i left my bags and head down to the Expo. The receptionist was really kind and explained me how to get there so I didn't have too much trouble besides going the wrong way at first. Since this post is not focused on the expo too much I will just say that it was really overwhelming. At around 4pm it got really crowded and IT decided to hit. It is miss panic attack. It comes, when you least expect it, it makes you scared of people, places and what not. If there is a demand I can try to describe what exactly it feels like in a separate post, but it basically consists of shortness of breath, heart pounding, hurting head and not being able to concentrate on anything else but the miss. It takes over. So needless to say I had to leave. I was really disoriented and that's loosely speaking. Anyhow the directions I got at the hotel came in really helpful and it wasn't too hard.. I finally got to the hotel and I was blown away. Admittedly I didn't notice it in my panicky state, but after I took a long bath I took a good look around the room.

Once I came back, I got the room key, got provided WiFi password even before I opened my mouth to ask, and showed the way to the elevators. Even the elevator was fancy, you had to use your room card in order to make it work. I will admit it took couple tries to get the hang of it.

I've staid in a fair share of hotels but this was unarguably most luxurious one I have ever seen. I was fascinated by everything. Starting with the lobby, small details in the room and breakfast the next day.

Is it only me who does that? Once I set my foot in the hotel room I checked the bathroom. Mainly to see whether there was a bath there. There was! And the bathroom itself its huuuuugeee. Then I obligatorily checked the cosmetics stand. I meant to take a picture. But... sometimes it stays in my mind. What surprised me, was such a small but smart idea of not only having shower gels, shampoos and soaps but the shower cap as well! Its perfect if you wanna take a bath but don't want to wash your hair.

Then I randomly opened the wardrobe. I guess I was looking for a robe but instead I found a frikkin' shoe polish sponge!! What? Not only that, but a list of hotel dry cleaning services and the prices as well. There even was an extra pillow in there so you don't need to disturb reception staff if you need extra comfort.

By the phone they had a notebook and the pen ready for you to take notes, or write blogging ideas. I just felt like they have thought of everything.

After I took a long bath I dragged myself out to a mall to see if I can find something I would like to buy, but the miss was still there, and I couldn't concentrate on anything, so I decided to give in and come back. I forced myself to go down to Benjamins restaurant in the hotel, and once again the size of it surprised me. It had three huge halls and they all were so pretty. I am not lying, and if you don't take my word for it, let the pictures speak for itself.

Photo credits: Europa Royale hotel

I had a mushroom soup and cafe creme brulee and it was the best dessert I have ever had. And I don't even like creme brulee that much. I will upload the my picture of the fireplace, because it was honestly just so pretty, but please please please overlook the blurriness of it?

Can we just say this is a form of art??? :(

Next morning was time for breakfast. I did take picture of the fanciness of it, but honestly, for the reputation of the hotel and myself, I don't dare to upload them on the blog, because they are waaaaaayy to blurry. And I just can't. There were many many choices, they had three tables: one with hot food, sausages, bacon, potatoes, porridge, etc. Then there was an enormous table with many choices for everyone's taste: many types of meat, salmon, one bite sandwiches with spreads, cheese, fruit, vegetables, salad, pastry and what not. I am sure even the most picky customers would have found something to eat. And of course, tea, coffee, and several type of juice. I want to thank again Europa Royale Riga for the opportunity and although it was a complimentary service provided, I would recommend the hotel for my family and friends and will come back myself to check out their casino and sauna complex, because I didn't really had a chance this weekend.

The one and only drawback of the room was that windows overlooked the balcony, and it was insanely dark, but I am totally willing to overlook it, because as they say, "don't look a given horse in the mouth".

Moral of the story: if you are a blogger and going to a professional event, have two cameras. Also buy an iPhone. Always always always check after you took the picture. Take thirty shots, maybe one of them will work.

Anyhow, I will take this as a lesson which benefits towards my life experience and will try not to repeat the same mistakes next time.

Do you have your favorite hotel? Have you ever been in Riga? Do let me know in the comments down bellow!

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