Vegan Skincare Starter Guide


I am giving away my hurting head, anyone up for grabs? I really wish I would be able to concentrate and type away with a killer headache, but usually the sound of the keyboard is just driving it mad, and makes matters worse. I would love to be this amazing blogger, who can pre schedule posts for in case of emergency, or write no matter how sick I am, but we all know that's not going to happen. So even though regular posting would raise my stats dramatically, sometimes life or illness get in the way. Anyhow, enough ranting, and let's try to get onto the actual post.

So, you are thinking about going vegan? Vegetarian even? Deciding that you only want to use cruelty-free or vegan products? Naturally, at first you would feel very lost, and then you will get overwhelmed by choice and face the issue of what to do now, and where to look. Do you throw away everything you have? Do you introduce product by product into your routine? Do you stop using everything whatsoever and go a la natural? You would face those issues no matter what, and I am here to try to help you out a little. From this point on, I will only be talking about internet purchases, assuming that you are a 21st century digital person and prefer to do everything online.

I will try to introduce you to a few internet shops, and choices you have, and then set up a routine of five or six products, which you could choose if you don't want to spend ages doing your own research. You would, of course, have to adapt your needs and opportunities depending on your geographical location.

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If you don't know what works and what on on your skin yet, and want to get the general grasp of the vegan beauty products, I would recommend getting a beauty box subscription, there are quite a few to choose from, I would advice you to check Petit Vour, LoveLula or Vegan Kind boxes. However, with the boxes come the risk of getting unwanted products, or them not being all skincare.

The second stop you can make, is Iherb. They have the whole section devoted to vegan bath& beauty products. As you know from my countless hauls, such as this one or this, I am quite a fan. The product choice is enormous, prices are affordable and they ship worldwide. This, however, will require some research and finding what your skin needs, since making a blind purchase might be both the gain and the loss. If you have any product on your wishlist, and would like me to review it, give me a shout and I will do my best.

And then we have a whole array of artisan skincare on etsy. This, granted requires a lot of browsing and google searching, and sometimes taking the risks, but if you are lucky, you can end up with an exclusive treasure in your hands. Few brands I have got my eyes on right now, are White Rabit Skincare, Erzulie Cosmetics,Ville De Fleurs.

There are, of course plenty others, but that is what comes to my mind at the moment. For the actual products, I would say, that you could start swapping your essentials, it would be a makeup remover, a cleanser and a moisturizer. If you would like something else, you could add eye cream and a toner to the mix. If I were to purchase my vegan products, they would be as follows:

1. Andalou Naturals Lash+Lid Makeup Remover 2. Rossi Skincare Gotu Kola&Cranberry cleansing lotion 3. Alba Botanica Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes 4. Aubrey Organics Toner 5. Vivi Pumpkin Cream

I just realized, that the toner is discontinued, but I don't feel like redoing the collage, so you could replace it with this one. What are the questions you ask yourself before going cruelty free? Do you have your favorite products? Do let me know!

P.s. For some reason I am not happy with myself in this post, but according to my bestie, it would be a waste for it to go unpublished, so here you have it. If you have any ideas of how I could improve it, you are welcome to contribute in the comments down bellow.

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