I don't know what to call this.. "Inside the blogger's mind"?

Hi guys,

Hope you are having a nice weekend. I personally feel a little bit down emotionally and that's why it was hard to concentrate on writing the reviews. Don't get me wrong, I love love love reviewing products, but today I want this post to be a bit different, so I will just imagine we are all in a pillow fort with our jamies and face masks on, anyone minds?

So, firstly I wanna share with you quite a big achievement, in my eyes, I have got accreditation for Riga's beauty expo and will be going as a media person! Even though my self-esteem doesn't let me fully acknowledge it, my friends tell me it is a big deal, so it must be, right?

Secondly, I plan quite a few changes both in my personal life and on this blog. Right now I am working on a pretty big project, which I can't tell you about (I guess, I could, but I want to be that annoying v/blogger for once), but let me tell you, it will be making a pretty neat blog post!

Thirdly, I am going to confess love. No, I won't be telling my readers, that I love Stumble Puppy heaps (I do!), it is about something else. As I find out, weirdo runs in the family, so I am one of those weird people, who doesn't listen to music. I don't need it as background, I know nothing about brands, and I just don't find it enjoyable (issues!). There are two exceptions though, I listen to Kamelot really loudly, when someone pissed me off or I am in the mood for deep house cleaning. Cue shameless friend promotion! I also listen to Andrew Flame. I can't praise them enough, they are also very friendly and handsome (isn't that a bonus!!). They do gigs once in a while, but not too many proper concerts. I might have jumped, when I saw they released their second album "How Far Can I Go" and will do the concert. Guess, who will be first in line? Random trivia information, my favorite songs of the band is "Like a Stranger", "Too Many Movies" and "Somebody New". Feel my frustration, youtube is blocked at work, so I can only find the links to youtube, but can't open videos!!! Anyhow, you are very welcome to go to the concert and meet them, and me, if you like :P

This is quite a lengthy introduction, sorry! The main goal of this post was actually to make your day (hopefully) and let you know, how some blog posts are born and what thoughts are going in my brain.. I had a day off yesterday and woke up to a very very rainy day. While attempting and failing (my coffee machine broke :() to make coffee, I have decided it will be my bed and computer day. While turning on computer, it suddenly hit me I needed to email my photo. So, what was going in my mind later on was something like this..

"Fine, I will take photo. But hang on, I have no makeup on and my skin is looking dull, this doesn't says representative blogger at all. Uh.. I know I know I know!! I will try those products I was recently sent. They are good.....It would be a shame to waste all this makeup and a perfect eyeliner for first time in my life (!!!!! )just for being in bed, but oh never mind.. Why on the mother earth is there not a single spot in this apartment with proper lighting... So frustrating... Photos are so unflattering...Eureka! I will go outside.. but wouldn't it be weird to go outside, take a picture and go home? I need a destination.. what do i need, what do i need, what do i need???. YAY! I know, maybe anti-calc powder will fix my coffee thing. I will go to get some to the nearest grocery store. Waiting in a bus stop.. Oh, look, there is a bus going to the post office. Do I have any packages? I should, let's go there. Do I go home with my tiny package? I am in the city center anyway...Hang on! There is an autumnal decorative stuff out in the grocery store in the same building, let's see if they have anything I could use the pretty photos..OOOHHH, look at those!! This is the perfect idea!! But what if it only looks good in my head? I know.. I will take a sample photo!! You will look like a weirdo..Who takes photos in the middle of the grocery store??? Who cares, that's for blogs sake! (editor's note: I did.) Wait! Wasn't it in H&M you saw that perfect shirt, which screams sophisticated blogger. I know! I will go there to find out if they are indeed as perfect (editors note:THEY ARE) as i thought the other day?"

So congratulations, you have visited a blogger's mind.. And no, I didn't end up buying the shirt (yet), but I 98% think I will. I have a question for you, what was my main goal of this outing, and guess, did I remember? I have read somewhere, that lengthy posts with no photos tends to be overlooked, so I took a quick one before heading to work of a few things I picked up. See this as your reward for making it so far in the post :)

P.s. Do you have any suggestions for the topics, products you wanna see reviewed and so on? I am not keen on doing makeup looks, but anything else will be accepted with welcoming hands.. Let's have a discussion in the comments, shall we??

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