Lush The Comforter shower gel


Did I ever tell you I am a big Lush fan? I support them and like them not only for their products, but as well as the morals they stand by. They are one of the few companies, who does know what vegan means, and don't hesitate to mark their products clearly. When they have introduced their self-preserving products, I check out their store much more often, and to my embarrassment, know few their employees by name.

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned on one of my previous posts, but Lush's comforter bar must have been one of my first Lush purchases and I am still head over heels over it. I do buy it when I know I am going to visit my parents, and treat myself to a lovely bath. However, in my rental flat I don't have a bathtub, so when I saw, that Lush came out with a shower cream, I didn't hesitate too long before grabbing it. I had to have it!

And I am not regretting the tiniest bit. When you sniff the gel, familiar blackcurrant scent comes whiffing to you. Once you pour the gel on the sponge, a hint of vanilla escapes. The cream lathers up really well, so you only need a tiny pea size. If you are a girlish girl, and have a little inner princess living in you, you would be very excited to know, that the product is bright pink and has glitters! Am I the only one who squeals over little things like these? Not only that, but it leaves your skin nicely cleaned, smoothed and moisturized and it perfect for those lazy afternoons when last thing you can be bothered with is moisturizing once you step off the shower. Even though this product is not as natural as I would like it to be, it is really enjoyable. If you are one of the weirdos as me, who doesn't like their famous "Snow Fairy" scent, definitely give this one a try! :)

What's your favorite Lush shower gel or product in general? Do let me know!

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