Skin saviors: VIVI pine lotion


You already know, that I am a loyal fan of a Lithuanian beauty brand, Vivi. I have been writing a lot of reviews on them previously and I still need to find their product I don't like.

I have received text message the other day, that being a loyal member of Vivi, I can pick up a little gift. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but I was given universal pine lotion. To tell you the truth, as a beauty blogger, I am pretty difficult to impress. The more I study ingredients list, and get to understand what does what, I come to a realization, that most products out there are almost the same with a different packaging and fancy label.

However, even I sometimes stumble upon a product, which blows my mind. This pine lotion is such an exemption. There are many uses for it, but I just so happened to have really dry, itchy, even woundy (eczema) like skin on my feet, and been using it religiously morning and night for about a week now, and - what a miracle - its almost gone!!! I am beyond impressed. My itchiness has reduced dramatically, skin became much more hydrated and moisturized, little wrinkles which was beginning to appear smoothed out and soon enough I won't be too embarrassed to go treat myself to a nice pedicure. I have always been a fan of Vivi products, but in this case they have outdone themselves. It has a faint herbal scent, creamy thin texture and as I told you before, it does miracles.

Have you tried any Vivi products? Do you have the favorite? Do let me know!

P.s. I stand corrected! Brand representatives got back to me, and told me, main purpose of this cream is to moisturize and be your best friend during winter colds. I could swear it said lotion on the label.... :)

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