Kitch in the kitchen: natural air freshener


It's candle season! I love autumn. I am not sure, if it is the fact, that I was born in autumn and almost every year during my birthday it has been raining, or the fact, that rain gives you a perfect excuse to stay in with a blanket, a mug of warm tea or coffee and a book, or all the colors, which comes into live in the fall, or all of it combined, but I thoroughly enjoy it.

However, this time is not about the candles, but about the air fresheners. I noticed, that I use air fresheners and room fragrance much more in the autumn than in the summer time, probably for that feeling of coziness they create. At the moment my home is being freshened by the most synthetic fragrance you can find in the world, and naturally, I am seeking out for alternatives. So, when this came out, I simply couldn't resist.

Confession time! Yes, I am a total sucker for a catchy names, and one third of the reason for me to pick up this product was no other than the name. Well, the scent too, but mostly the name. Sometimes an impulsive buyer or a commercial victim in me wakes up, and I find the product, I simply need in my life. This was no exception. But you know what, this time I don't regret it even the slightest bit. All this long introduction just to tell you, that I found Lithuanian made freshener by Kvapu namai, called "Kitch in the kitchen". Cliché? Maybe, but it works.

It is natural, oil based alternative to those toxic synthetic ones. It smells like a lemon lemonade infused with a tiny vanilla, and something else I can't point my finger on. Couple of sprays is enough to fill out the whole room and it freshens up the room instantly.

They have the whole range, which you can check out here and maybe even purchase some. Chocolate scent drops are next on my list, and you know what's the best part? They do ship worldwide :)

Do you know any natural air fresheners? Do you use any? Don't forget to let me know down below!

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