Uoga uoga: braškė išsitaškė review

Ahhhh... The struggle of knowing of so many languages (not bragging) and having no idea, how to translate this humorous Lithuanian name of the product to English. My dear Lithuanian readers, do you mind helping? Strawberry exploded sounds so wrong and doesn't rhyme at all, but it is the closest word to word translation I can think of right now.

I think it is not a secret anymore, that I like supporting local brands. Meanwhile Vivi might be my favorite brand, I really like certain Uoga Uoga products as well, their mineral makeup powder is my holy grail on the days where I slept in too long, or just need to fix few imperfections and get out of the door. So naturally, when they came out with the new body lotion, I had to try it out.

I will go slightly of the tangent here, but I can't stress enough how good their customer service is. I excitedly bought the bottle once it hit the shelves, and you can only imagine, how disappointed I was, when it stopped working after the first pump. However, the next day I took back to the shop (not even the one where I originally bought it) and without any long ceremonies and with the smile, sales assistant has given me a new one, without even asking for the receipt. That's what I call caring for a client!

Naturally, when I had such a positive experience with the customer service, I might be more bias and having better attitude towards the product itself. My skin tends to get dryer on fall months, so I like to meet it armed with body creams and lotions. To start with, it smells amazing. Like your grandma's homemade strawberry jam straight from the jar, and slight vanilla scent coming from the oven, where the cake is being baked. Secondly, I really like the packaging, and I feel like it's a huge improvement in comparison with cranberry one, I have reviewed here. Thirdly, the consistency is just perfect, not too hard and not too liquid, just like strawberry mouse. The lotion itself isn't too oily, but it's very moisturizing and your skin feels oh so soft and spoiled after using it! It sinks into your skin really fast and leaves you smelling divine for couple of hours.

If you are about to pick one thing from Uoga Uoga range, make sure it is this lotion. It will bring your memories back on a rainy autumn evening and will make you feel like your are a little child picking strawberries from your grandma's garden.

What's you body lotion you are currently loving? What's your best childhood memory? Do let me know!

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