The last.. who am I kidding.. Iherb haul!


I am so sorry for disappearing, but it must be pre-birthday blues getting to me, and I can't get over myself to pull things together and write blog posts, I hope you don't mind too much. Or is there someone who can kick my ass?

Anyhow, I picked up my iherb package the other day, and thought I would introduce you to the things I bought, because to be honest, hauls are my most favorite types of blog posts. I know, that curiosity has once killed a cat, but oh well.. :) Admit it, you like it too.. Right??

Let me just start by saying, that I need to start paying attention to the sizes of the things, not only pictures, because once again I bought something which was smaller than anticipated. It is a Love&Toast body butter, in Clementine Crush, which turns out to be travel size at 53g :) I think I will keep it as moisturizing hand cream in my office. Another purchase, which I am very happy about and have been using every night before sleep, Sleepy Time Calming Mist. Can we just ignore the fact, it is for babies? It works like a dream, and seriously, is making its way to my Holy Grail product list. It is one of those products you don't know you need until it makes it into your life and then you can't live without them. I can see they also have lotion, so I will buy that one as well, when I get the opportunity.

My skin is still dry and has some patched areas, so I have decided to switch up my skincare routine a little bit, therefore I have decided to pick up argan oil by Acure Organics. Argan oil seems to be very popular among producers, so I hope it will live up to the claims.

I have noticed, that I go through the phases of the products I buy, and this time I seem to be into cleansing towelettes. Despite the fact, that I already have half of the drawer of them, I still couldn't resist to pick up those Acure Argan oil ones, and I can't wait to give it a try.

I also needed to fill up the order to the maximum allowed sum in order to avoid custom charges (22eur to Lithuania from non-Eu countries), and picked up Arnicare Gel to my natural medicine drawer in order to have in case I bruise or hit my toe on the table. Or cut myself. Or whatever else clumsy me is capable to.

I wish it was my last haul...But let's not point fingers and say out loud who just made one more order the other day..

P.s. If you are new to iherb, you can use my code CJK626 for 5 US dollars off or 10us dollars if your package is 40usd or more. However, if you are Lithuanian, beware, we have custom charge if the sum exceeds 22eur.

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