Lush Ocean Salt Self-preserving scrub review


If you are as beauty obsessed as I am and have access to youtube, I am sure you have been hearing about this scrub right and left all the time. Usually I am not the fan of over hyped, mass products (what a hypocrite hipster), but sometimes I give in to the craze. I was somehow able to resist it, while it still had the old formula, but put the self preserving on the label, and I am in. And if you don't like my long, rambly posts, I can tell you right here and now, where have I been? Why didn't I have this earlier in my stash? How could I live without it?? I am not entirely sure anymore.

Let me start by stating, that after they improved their formula and made this popular scrub self-preserving, they also veganised it (which means no animals were harmed in the process in the making)! and I am a huge advocate for that. As the name suggests, it is a salt based face and body scrub, full of interesting, moisturizing ingredients such as silken tofu, lime infused vodka, japan wax and mango butter. The smell is very pleasant, slightly tingly citrusey and it smells a bit like beach on an early mornings. Many people claim, that it is too harsh on their skin, but my skin must be used to various kinds of experiments, I find, that when I wet my face and finger tips slightly, it does exfoliate really well and it doesn't hurt at all.

As mentioned above, due to very rich butters in the ingredients list, this is very moisturizing face scrub, therefore leaving a slight residue on your skin, but I don't mind it at all, in fact I even brace it by massaging some face serum after using it. I also find it clarifying, my clogged pores definitely get cleaner and it smooths out my skin.

It is slightly expensive, for the life of me, I can't remember how much I paid here in Lithuania, but it makes a perfect treat for those evenings when you just want to de-stress and pamper yourself. I would highly recommend trying it out! The only thing to be aware of, though, if you have a cut or any other kind of injury on your face - stay away! from it, it hurts like hell.. I learned that the hard way! Oh and try not to lick it, it tastes weird :). Good weird, but still, don't eat it :)

Do you have Lush where you live? What is your favorite product? Do let me know in the comments down bellow :)

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