Zepter cosmetics: Blogger evening

Hello guys!

I am so sorry for abandoning this blog for so long once again, but I have a golden rule not to blog unless I feel fine. As you can probably tell, I wasn't, and I didn't want to transfer all my bad emotions on the screen, since then posts would feel rushed and forced, and that is totally not what my page is about. So I am slightly late posting this, but I hope you will enjoy it just as much.

On Thursday, some select bloggers (where is that fancy blogger hat?) have been invited to an evening with Zepter's cosmetics. Yes, the fact, that they make cosmetics is rather shocking, right? Especially, if you haven't seen my review on their eye cream published a month or so ago. For ages, the brand was known for their pots, but actually it is so much more. I was surprised to find out, that the core value of the brand is their client's health and beauty.

Keeping up with that, we have been greeted with healthy fruit and spinach smoothies, clean water and plates of fruit. I managed to make a fool out of myself and spill the water all over the beautiful flower composition.. Eh...

Company's manager, Ilona has presented us with the short history of the company. I was very surprised to find out, that the company's creator was born in a small town in Bosnia. Zepter has several focus areas, and they are

Zepter Home art (kitchen appliance);

Zepter Home care (steam cleaners, water filters, etc.) ;

Zepter Medicare (Bioptron light);

Zepter cosmetics and luxury (skincare and accessories.)

Since my blog is mostly about cosmetics, obviously this is what I was most interested to getting to know more about. So Zepter cosmetics is created in Switzerland, they have the highest standards and using the best technologies in order to eliminate parabens from their most popular products and use the best quality ingredients, such as: malt secrets, mdi complex, hydractine, voluforme. We were introduced with many of their products, had a chat about the products we have already tried and our needs. It was very informal evening, where we got to chat with fellow bloggers, share our opinions and just have fun.

And, of course, we weren't let go without gifts. As we all know, in autumn our skin gets a little bit whimsical in the fall season, so I feel like the masks were a wonderful idea. I will sure be giving it a try soon and will report back.

Did you know Zepter has their own skincare line? Is there something catching your eye? Do let me know!

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