Douglas makeup collection presentation

Hello guys!

I am so sorry for abandoning you for so long, but I have a valid excuse, I have had my best friend visiting from America, so I was trying to live life, or even be with her, and watch youtube videos in real life as opposed to sending each other links and commenting it afterwards. Even though it was tiring, I have had quite wonderful time with her, and discovered some parts of the city I didn't even know existed. However, now I am back to blogging - that is if my eye will behave, and I won't need to visit ER once again - and what is the better way to go back on track than introduce you to an event I have been kindly invited to?

I have been lucky enough to get an invitation for the Douglas makeup collection presentation, which took place in a restaurant called "Pankolis Brolis". I have to say, that it is one of the well thought out presentations I have ever went to. Before even opening the doors, we have been greeted by the company's representative, offered coffee, tea, juice and told to choose our places. We have also been offered snacks and cupcakes, served on baking paper, which is such a cool idea, I would like to borrow if I ever host brunch at my home. They were, however not really photogenic-or my photographing skills are rusty, but they were tasty.

Company's director Vilūnė has presented us the new line, underlined the quality of the products at the reasonable price. She has also assured, that they use only the highest technology, and avoid oils, therefore even people with most sensitive skin can use the products.

Photo courtesy: Douglas Team

Later the makeup artist, Rolana, who came all the from London, has demonstrated Douglas Beauty products on the model, creating a Paris girl image, which, of course, includes red lips and red nails. (I feel on top on the trend right now, thanks to my manicurist :)).

Couple of other images, which have been demonstrated, was Greek goddess and slightly nontraditional, smokey eye with blue eye shadows.

We have, of course, been presented with the new products, and to tell you the truth, I am wanting every single thing from the collection. Don't you?

What surprised me, was that Douglas has their own, Bio and Vegan line, which is based on Argan oil, and is parabens free. I am dying to try some of that!

After presentation, we each have been given a goodie bag with the new products, which me, being a bad blogger -or a good employee, haven't unpacked yet, since I came home yesterday night and left really early this morning, so it would have been hard to make a good quality photos. Let me know, if you would be interested in a separate post on that and my first impressions.

Thank you Douglas team for the invitation, it was pleasure to meet you and hope to see you soon again.

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