Sunday Specials: Holy Grail status - Steam Eye masks


I have found a treasure. As many of you know, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Even though usually it worsens during the day, sometimes it happens in the evenings too, or even if I am having a day off and can't cope with the stress my silly body decides to create for me. Recently it has gotten so bad, that I didn't sleep for few days, and this was a life saver. I am not sure how I came upon those on Ebay, but I did and something pushed me to try it out. Oh my, were I glad at the first try, and once I was out, I ordered 15more.

Trust me, I am totally not for sleeping masks, and I usually looked at the people who uses them with a smirk smile. This, however, is life changing. Bottom line. So basically it is this simple, but genius device - it is a paper eye mask which you put on your eyes as any other one, and upon contact with your skin, it starts heating and spreads slight scent around.

I have only tried lavender and citrus ones so far, but I am a fan of both. This definitely brings you up to unicorn land straight away, trust me.. It manages to somehow help you relax on an instant, it calms you down and helps to fall asleep. I don't know, how or why it works, but it does, and trust me, I am going to make sure it is always in my stash as well as in my travel/hospital makeup bags.

This simply is one of those products you don't know you need, but can't live without it once discovered. It is truly great, and one of the cases where you need to try it once than to hear it ten times.

So go and order them from here, and if you don't like it, I will be very surprised. Have you ever heard of such eye masks? Did you try them? Did I convince you? Do let me know :)

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