Iherb haul (the last one before the last)


I don't know if you ever noticed, but iherb is this black hole which sucks you into it and before you know it, has you typing your credit card information. In principle, i only needed Biotin, since I got tired of my breaking nails, flaky skin and red hair all over the carpet, so hopefully that will help to solve the problem. But could it have ended there? Who are we kidding?

Then I just had to look around what else they had to offer. Since my last consultation with Zepter specialist revealed, that my skin is capillary and hyper pigmentation prone, I realized, that I needed some serious care for it before it becomes a problem.

I have chosen Madre Labs retinol serum and Reviva Labs, Alpha Lipoic Acid Vitamin C Ester & DMAE Cream with the hope, that it can cater to those issues. Since this order was done before I did my semi declutter and hadn't realized how many hair products I have, I couldn't help, but pick up the mini shampoo - Zion Health, just because I always want a shampoo which smells of coconut. Before I chopped off my hair Essie Button style, they were getting out of control, getting knotted so bad, that I couldn't brush them through and finally they would just fall out in big chunks :(. I decided to go for a kids Rainbow Research detangling conditioner, not only for vanilla scent, but for the hopes it will actually be able to detangle my silly hair and be gentle enough on my skin. Also, just look at that lion on the package.

And I guess I am obsessed with hand creams, it is just that this Andalou Naturals one was on a good deal, and people say they are really good quality, so I am hoping I will like this one better than the last one, since I wasn't the fan of the smell of the green one, so hoping this will be better.

I thought this was going to be my last iherb haul this year, but no, no, no, they sucked me in again, but more on that next time :)

Do you buy on iherb? What's your last purchase? Do let me know :)

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