Green'as shampoo and conditioner review*

Hello guys!

I am trying to steer away from cleansers and masks reviews, I am not sure if you noticed, so I am taking another road, and reviewing shampoos and conditioners this time.

This product is really unique on its own, you won't easily buy it at the stores, it is available only at the hair dressing salon with the same name, "Green'as". The concept of the salon is to focus not only on the client's appearance, but health as well. In the salon they only use healthy, but effective products, and its if the first salon in Lithuania who has its own line. So far, there is only shampoo and conditioner in the line, and I got an opportunity to try them both.

For some reason, the products have been in my to try out pile for longer than it should have been, and trust me, I should not have done that.

Let's start with the smell of the shampoo, I might be crazy - and I did read the ingredients list few times, but it does smell like raspberry with a hint of mint to me. Granted, mint is there, but where does raspberry scent comes from, i have no idea, might just be my imagination. I noticed, that you need a little bit bigger amount than other shampoos and really wet hair in order to get it to lather up properly, but once you are through those steps, it does lather pretty well. It does wash you hair perfectly, without leaving it super squeaky clean, however, I noticed it was too gentle to wash out oil mask. I find it slightly drying, but not damaging, so conditioner is a must.

Thankfully they also have a conditioner to go with. It is perfect consistency, not too thick, not too thin, and is very easy to dispense in your hair. It has slightly softer scent, but I still can sniff raspberries, and I can't do anything about it. I like the conditioner slightly more than the shampoo, it hydrates my hair really well and leaves them sleek and shiny.

So in general, if you want a gentle, nice smelling, natural shampoo and conditioner duo, do give this one a try!

I loved not only the products, but the concept of the salon itself as well, so hopefully you will see more posts about it soon.

Have you ever heard of Greenas? Does that look like something you would be interesting testing out? Do let me know!

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