Aubrey organics Aha Face Mask review*

Hello there!

Sometimes, just sometimes you can have the most wonderful product of the bunch, stare at it, and for the love of God, can't write a review of it, even though you use it regularly and more than half of the package is gone. By no means, it is a bad product, quite the contrary, it is great, but you simply can't get words layed out properly to do a review. And then deadline starts to kick your butt, and you have to (not that you must per se, but your conscience is eating you from inside if you don't) to put your thoughts down on paper, or in this case, computer screen, so let me try my best.

And yes, this time it is about yet another mask, but I will stop reviewing those for a while, i promise. anyhow, I am here to review Aubrey Organics aha Face Mask.

Let's start by the consistency and the color, unless you have someone as awesome as Stumble Puppy, aka: can convince him to smear the mask all over his face together with you, I would advice doing it on your "spoil yourself" day, since it is a bit gooey and yellow, and doesn't make you look like the fairest of them all. Some of those men are really sensitive, you know!

However, as for working properties, I really like it. It has a nice, lightly roasted popcorn scent. I have always said, that if you can feel the mask on your face, it means its doing something. Obviously, it doesn't mean it has to burn your face off, but slight tingling is totally okay, and that's exactly what I feel when I have the mask on.

I feel, that it improves the general skin condition, especially if it becomes grayish and dull due to pollution, tiredness or overwork. Not only it improves your skin texture, but also puts hydration back in (today is Saturday, and while I am pre-typing this to go on Monday, I can't wait to spoil my skin with it once I get home, it is that good!).

Anyhow, not only is an instant skin re-freshener, the mask has some small beads, which has gentle exfoliating properties, which leaves your skin silky smooth. If you saw my mask drawer, you would understand why I wouldn't repurchase this mask at this very moment, but at some later point, sure!

This is yet again another great product and I recommend you try it, especially if you are over 25. Just be careful and don't go to sun straight after you used it, or if you absolutely must, sunscreen is your friend, due to the AHA acids in the ingredients list.

This totally goes to my favorites and holy grail list, and if you are my friend, don't be surprised if I decided to gift you one at the next available opportunity!

My Lithuanian readers can purchase this mask from the health food store Livinn, and it is sold internationally on iherb.

Have you tried this mask? Did I convince you it is worth it? Do let me know in the comments down below :)

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