Vivi Mini Haul, #1

Hello guys!

I am sorry there was no post yesterday, but the heat is affecting both my well being and my blog. Sometimes I feel stuck at one point, and can't get enough motivation to type up a blog post. However, posting everyday really helps to keep a loyal reader base, so I will try to get better on that topic. I will go on beauty ban starting first of September, but until then, I have another haul. Basically, all I wanted to buy from Vivi was their Premium pass, giving many good deals, but did you really think I could have stopped there?

Premium passport consists of five different benefits, giving you a wonderful opportunity to get to know the brand and their products.The first visit gives you an opportunity to get your skin scanned and analyzed for free (worth 15eur), gives you 40% discount for your first purchase as well as a gift, which is worth 10Eur.

Second visit entitles you to a Vivi loyalty card, which is worth 20Eur, and if you buy products which are worth 10Eur and more, you get an Espresso coffee cream for only 1EUR.

At the time of your third visit, if you acquire products worth 17eur and more, you get a tanning cream for 1Eur as well as an opportunity to get your skin scanned the second time, and see whether their products are really working.

For the fourth time you are in their shop, it gets more interesting, since you are entitled to buy products for any sum, and choose your gifts which are worth the same. The last visit in my eyes, are worth the most of it all, since if you buy for 10eur, you can choose any other Vivi product only for 1 eur. The pass itself cost 6.40Eur, and as you can see, it is totally worth it.

Moreover, new customers, who makes an account on Vivi homepage, you automatically get 20percent discount for everything. Ive always wanted to try their chocolate peeling, and even though usually I stay away from the products, that are in the form of loose powder, I finally bit a bullet and got it. I have liked Vivi page on Facebook in relation to some giveaway running, and got a personal message with a discount code, where Grapefruit shower gel would cost me only 1 EUR. Do you think I could have lived without using it?

And then since my total amount was over 17eur, I got an Espresso taning cream for free, so all in all my order came to 14.16 EUR for the products, which were worth 38.75EUR. That's quite a deal in my eyes.

Did you ever do an online order for Vivi? Do you have a favorite product? Do let me know in the comments down below :)

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