Sunday specials on a Wednesday :) - Zepter Eye Cream review


Are there many of you out there who protests my Sunday Specials being on a Wednesday, and then ? It is just that this post have been on my to do list for a while, but I never got around to doing so, and I am quite on a deadline, since I have a visit to Zepter office planned this afternoon to get my skin scanned and analyzed and see what I have too much and what not enough of :) It is kind of exciting and I obviously will report you how it went.

But for now, let me start to getting you familiar with Zepter's cosmetics products. Granted, when you hear "Zepter", it is not cosmetics which come to your mind firstly, is it? I used to only think about their pots and pans. When I got an email from the brand representatives suggesting to try out their cosmetic line, I did have to take a second look and for a minute there, I thought it was a scam. Turns out, they do have skincare line, which is proudly manufactured in a factory in Switzerland. Not only that, they have seven different lines, targeted to various ages and skin problems, they even have a gentle baby line :).

Today I am here to introduce you Swisso Logical Hydro Cellular Eye Cream. As the name itself suggest, it is very hydrating cream. My main problem are hooded eyelids and dark circles, since I seem to not get enough sleep constantly. This cream is very light weight, it sinks into the skin quickly, has basically no scent, therefore it suits people with sensitive eyes. I even use it when I am wearing contact lenses, and it doesn't irritate any slightest. I did notice my dark circles slightly fading away within a week's use as well as fine wrinkles getting smoother and more even. Of course, we need to evaluate the packaging as well, I really like pump packaging, one pump is more than enough to dispense the product for both eyes. The white and grey color scheme makes it a bathroom or your vanity star, which can be proudly displayed, where anyone can see it :).

So, to sum up, Zepter does know their business, even when it comes to skincare, and this is a product which I highly recommend to anyone, especially those who has dark circles, fine lines or tired eyes in general.

Did you know that Zepter makes cosmetics? Did you ever try anything from them? Is there anything you would like to try? As always, comments are more than welcome down below :).

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