Lush Autumn Wishlist and a mini haul

Hello guys!

This going to be a slightly different post, and I am sure I said at some point I won't ever publish what new collections are coming out, because I feel it lacks content, but damn, Lush has broken all of my principles, so please forgive my alienation, but once I got a Press Release, I realized, damn it, I want it all.

Starting with a fresh coffee mask, yes please, can I have it now?? Everything coffee related has to be in my collection, and if you have any tips what else I should try, do let me know, please.

Then we have Comforter. Those who know me closely, know very well, that this is my favorite bubble bar, and I don't care that it is super sweet. They are coming out with the shower cream, and let me tell you, once it hits the shelves in Lithuania, I am running to Lush to stock up. If my memory isn't betraying me, that is on 14th or maybe 15th-16th of August.

I have always wanted to try their RUB RUB body scrub (say it aloud few times, it is kind of fun), but never came around to it, and they are repackaging it to a solid scrub. I really like their Sugar Scrub, so I am really excited about it. Even though the new kind reminds me of grandma's bedding sheets. :)

Have we already established, that I am weird? One of my favorite flavors is salted caramel, so it is not a surprise, that once I saw Salted Coconut hand scrub, I have been attracted to it as well, and really want to at least sniff it if not get the whole huge tub. My hands, especially nails, could very much use some loving.

Same goes for my hair, being a bright redhead takes some effort, and my hair might hate me by now, but I am still not over red hair phase, and will be dying it for quite a few months still. Therefore Tangled hair treatment is really intriguing to me, and I would love to give it a chance.

As they say, there always come the time for changes, and it is natural, that some old goodies need to make place for the new ones. Therefore, Lush'es all over the world are hosting sales, and I simply couldn't resist temptation to pick up I love Juicy shampoo, since I needed a clarifying one and self preserving Ocean Salt, since the sample I was kindly given made me to fall in love with it.

How do you feel about those changes? Do you have your eye on new products? Do let me know in the comments bellow :)

P.s. DISCLAIMER: Even though Lush is not 100percent natural, I am really into the concept of the brand, especially now when they started introducing self-preserving products, and hope, that with our support they can grow to be a natural brand some time in the future.

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