Lush Toothy Tabs


here is news flash -I am weird. And I say it with pride. Being weird automatically means that I am attracted to different, maybe unconventional things. It was really just the question of time, when I will bite the bullet and try Lush's toothy tabs. The day has come. Although it looks like candy, or the tablets against sore throat, it is actually toothpaste.

How do one uses it you may ask? Simple, you take a tab, and bite it, which then foams up and you use a toothbrush just as you will use with normal toothpaste. There are many different flavors, but when I went to Lush they had few on sale, so that affected my choice, I have decided to go with Breath of God (this is also a perfume, and I feel a little bit weird knowing that) and Atomic - for their coffee and cinnamon flavor. I am a big fan of Atomic taste, I managed to overlook that Breath of god was inspired by their perfume and I don't really wanna be using perfume to clean my teeth.

What can I say, it definitely takes some getting used to, but once you are over that awkward first date stage, brushing your teeth becomes interesting and exciting. I especially like the Atomic flavor, and honestly thinking not only to stock up on those, if they still have it in the store, but also check some other flavors out, such as Sparkle or Dirty, since from what I understand their taste reminds most of a "normal" toothpaste.

So I have been using Atomic for a few days now, and it does give you that traditional freshness, but it is spicy in a good and different way. Your teeth feels clean just as it would feel after using a traditional toothpaste, and I could swear, that it did whitened up my teeth immediately.

P.s. I am sorry this went out unfinished and without photos this morning, appearently I can't get hang of this scheduling thing, hopefully you understand and forgive :)

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