Love Lula Beauty Box, July 2015


Did I tell you I am addicted to subscription boxes? If I ever see an offer, I can't pass it up, but I am feeling like I am being a good girl, since right now I am only subscribed to LoveLula beauty box and Degustabox, so it is not too bad.

I was really excited to get LoveLula box, but even though contents weren't bad, the box itself came destroyed, and Madara mi-cellar water, the most exciting product of the box, leaked out. The whole 100 ml bottle. I was devastated, when I realized that. Thankfully customer service reacted quickly to my complaint and promised me to send a brand new bottle, I really hope it will come intact this time.

As for the other products in the box, I feel quite indifferent about it. The brands are not bad per se, but I simply feel like the box was lacking spirit, you know?. There was a mini sample of John Masters Organics shower gel, full size Yes to coconuts hand cream, and The Balm lip balm as well as a little sachet of Jason's face cream. In my eyes, if the beauty box contains a sachet, it is a total let down, since there is no way of you knowing whether you like product or not from one or two times use, especially when you know that they could have went for a mini tube option.

If you saw my lip balm collection, you would know, that I am really not in the need for new ones, also it is unscented, so slightly a let down in my eyes. I have a lot of hand creams, but this one will be going to my office bag, since I really need to get into habit using one. I will use up shower gel, but I kind of wish it was a hair product instead.

So as you can see, my opinion on this month's box is rather mixed, I can't wait to get next month's box, so I can see what I think then.

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? Are they natural? Do let me know in the comments down bellow :).

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