I am aware I need to go on a beauty ban. Elevita haul

Hello guys!

You might think that blogger life is all fancy with events to visit and free stuff to review, and meanwhile there is a lot of to enjoy, it is a curse as well. You are forever doomed to be updated on the new releases, try out new products and give feedback. So it comes with no wonder, that we spend much more money than a standard consumer, and can't resist to try out one or another product. That's my unfortunate attempt to justify my expenses. I promise on 1st of August (aka today), I will go on a beauty ban. But meanwhile, let me tell you, what was my experience shopping on Elevita's e-shop. Elevita is both online and physical store, mostly selling Russian and Polish products rather cheap. The whole order cost me around 12.5Eur.

I love foaming cleansers probably as much as cream ones, and I have difficulties to resist buying a bottle once I come upon it. This particular Natura Siberica one said is specifically designed to remove eye makeup, so i am intrigued to try it out.

Second, I am in search for toner which contains no alcohol for quite a while now, but I am finding out, that I can't read. Quite a few toners have alcohol somewhere in the middle or the end of their ingredients list, and I fail to notice that. I guess it is going to have to do.

Water in the hospital has dried out my skin incredibly, so I was looking for body cream or lotion to use. I noticed, that thicker consistency is starting to annoy me, so I went for the body milk. It smells divine, and review will be up shortly.

My hair is acting up recently as well, they get all tangled and impossible to brush out, as well as falling out all over the place, so the rest were products I picked up for the hair, starting with Banka Agafja restoring hair mask. As well as two sachets of buttermilk and mustard masks, just because they were intriguing.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find Planeta Organic wet wipes in there, since I didn't order any, as well as a heap of samples. You have two options, either to pick up the products in their office, or get them delivered at home. I chose their office, and order was ready for pick up the very same day. After all, it was very pleasant experience, and I highly recommend it.

Have you bought something recently? Do you have your favorite natural store? I am always looking forward for your comments. Have a wonderful weekend!

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