What's in my mailbox, #2

Good morning!

Since my last what's in my mailbox feature was greeted with support, I have decided to do this a constant thing, and publish things I get once in a while. Not only will it help me plan upcoming reviews, it will also let you sneak a peak as what is to come.

Probably most exiting things I have received were PureChimp cleanser - already tried and tested, and it cleans grim makeup like a dream! and Moa cleansing balm. Somehow, I am really excited about the cloth it comes with. I am weird, I know.

My most anticipated parcel to get, and the one requiring most work (I had to go to the terminals far away in order to pick them up) were Zoeva brushes and the palette. I hope it will help me create awesome looks.

This technically wasn't in my mailbox, I picked them up in the salon, but I got Green'as shampoo and conditioner to test out :) So far I can say, that it smells lovely.

Once again curiosity got the better out of me, and I gave up for unnatural product, I really wanted to try Deep Cleansing Corn mask from The Body Shop.

I have also extorted Elevita's driver one morning, and got my package with shampoo and toner :) I see it as I saved him a few kilometers...

This is rather controversial, but I am totally prepared to write an article on my experience with menstrual cup, it made me slightly more excited than I should have been :)

That was my week in packages. Have you bought anything recently? What would you like to see reviewed first? Do let me know!

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