Biokosmetikos akademija: intensive AHA cleanser

Hello guys!

Am I the only one, who owns about 10different cleansers and periodically use them all or simply pile few different ones once in a while? Are you tired seeing cleanser reviews all the time? If so, let me know and I will try to stay away :)

But for now, I am here today to present you yet another cleanser. It is quite an unique product, so I immediately jumped on the wagon to try it out. It is a fruit cleanser by Lithuanian brand "Biokosmetikos akademija". I have been trying it for quite few weeks now, and here is what I think.

Usually I try to find all the pros in the product, but in this case I must point out a few flaws. The packaging is not very easy to use, since you have to pour product out and its very easy to overdose. I believe that the pump packaging would make it easier to dispense and use the product. I had to move it to the spray bottle, but I still don't feel it is convenient, and I am not reaching for it too often.

When I do though, I am pretty impressed to how it performs. I find this cleanser to be one of the products, which can be improved, but you have to learn how to get along with it :).

Consistency is rather liquid, it reminds of a toner more than the cleanser, and is used by pouring the product on the cotton pad. I have already written about my issues with cotton pad, so I would prefer it being foamy. Other than that, I enjoy the cleanser.

It has a slight, fruity smell, which is gentle and not bothering. Your skin immediately gets squeaky clean, but its not drying out, so perfect for both oily and dry prone skin.

I could swear that it reduces my pores as well, and smooths out flakes and dryness;

it does tingle skin a little bit, but I have a weird belief that it means its working :);

It would be a very good treatment for acne prone skin due the rich ingredient list;

you don't need to wash it off, so its perfect for those, who try to stay away from water;

its universal, so you can share this with your other half :) ;

more over, you can also use it in place of your toner, so if you like minimalism in your skincare routine, you might want to consider buying it.

So although this cleanser has a few imperfections, it is overall a good product, which I would recommend to my friends and readers. However, it is summer, so don't forget to use it only at night times, or generously apply sunscreen after you used it in the morning. Do you have a favorite natural AHA cleanser? Feel free to recommend it in the comments down bellow.

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