Sunday Specials. Douglas S.O.S. bag

Good morning!

While I have been thinking about creating my own bag I could keep at work for urgent situations, Douglas shop did that for me, and I simply had to pick it up. I know, it is not natural, but my justifications were that it could serve as a "cheat sheet" for creating a natural one. It costs 10EUR, and you get quite a lot of products. Starting with Biotherm micellar water, Clinique CC cream, and Estee Lauder mascara, you can prepare and refresh your face, making it representative after a long work day and popping out for a cup of coffee with a friend.

Slept in longer and had no time washing your hair? Not a problem, with Batiste dry shampoo you can quickly freshen up, and have healthy, clean looking hair.

Working in front of the computer, and your skin is hating you? Are you finding your office too hot or air conditioning not working properly? With Douglas beauty water you can quickly and efficiently refresh your skin and give it some hydration. To be honest, that would be enough in my beauty bag, maybe I would add lip balm and hand cream, but Douglas took slightly different approach, and added couple of extras.

One of them being sunscreen to use before you head out. Contrary to a popular believe, although you only spend 15minutes outside before and after work, sunscreen is still needed. Spent too much time outside drinking that cup of coffee or reading the book? Refreshing after sun cream would take care of that as well :)

I think, that for the price, it is really good value and very handy bag to have in your office. However, I would like it to be natural, and will try to create one on my own, so wait to be updated on that :)

What would you include in a S.o.s. bag to keep at your office? Do let me know :)

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