Dry shampoo review: Tabitha James Kraan*

Good morning, guys!

I am pretty sure each of you have heard this question at least once, and lets admit, it wasn't easy to come up with an answer. That question would be, -what beauty products would you take to a deserted island? I spent quite a lot of time thinking, and came up with an answer, that it would be dry shampoo. Especially if its as luxurious as Tabitha James Kraan one.

I guess we should start by the pretty packaging. Granted, you have no vanity in a deserted island, but look at this gold metal bottle with black solid writings. Doesn't that look like something you might find in pride of place in the bathrooms of Royalty?

Secondly, they have options for fair and darker hair, so it is suitable for everyone. I can also say, that it doesn't leave that ugly overcast some dry shampoo tends to do.

Although it is not aerosol based product, the usage is rather easy, you just pour product to your palm, and apply to your roots.

Somehow the shape of the bottle and the holes, plus the place it is milled, makes it easy to dispense, and makes sure you don't pour too much or not enough.

The product sinks to your hair instantly, absorbing all the oils and residue, and making your hair appear cleaner and fuller.

You know that icky hairspray scent shampoos in cans use to have? not this one, it has really sweet and divine scent;

Have I mentioned the product being really luxurious, and containing the finest natural ingredients? It does!

Did i mention shampoo being so luxurious, that it contains rose otto? It is a win in my book-yes, I am getting accustomed to rose scents;

Besides of being a perfect dry shampoo, it also doubles as a texturising powder, giving a lot of volume for your hair, helping to make the perfect updo or just lift those boring hair from the roots;

I truly think it is a miraculous product worth its price, because it really makes your hair feel and look freshly washed, not only the roots, but all the length.

So what will you take to a desert island? Do you have your favorite luxurious dry shampoo? Do let me know :).

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