Botanicals Face Polish: Rave review*

Hello guys!

Hope you are doing alright. Is it rainy weather where you live? I am still in the hospital, therefore posts aren't coming everyday. I promise i will catch on that one day. I am being discharged Friday, so hopefully I will be able to blog more often starting Monday.

Did you notice, that I have preference over unknown, or less known brands on my blog? I could blog about popular, mass market brands, it surely wouldn't hurt my view count, but there are plenty other blogs for that.

I am trying to introduce my readers to brands and products which are unique, and once in a while I find something, which might have been overlooked, but is miraculous.

I was awarded the opportunity to try Botanicals Face Polish* from It is one of those gems mentioned above. To start with, it smells lovely. I would say that mandarin and chamomile isn't a common combination, but it works. The texture of the polish is very balmy, it melts against your face, revealing tiny exfoliating particles, which actually are oat pieces and hibiscus seeds. Consistency of this polish is much thicker than you would expect from a "normal" face scrub, I find it works best, if you remove it with a soft muslin cloth. It is very gentle, so it would be perfect for sensitive skin. It has instant smoothing effect, your skin just looks so fresh and lovely. I know every blogger says this in every second post, but a little of the polish goes the long way and it will last you for some time. At the price of 24.99EUR it is a luxury product, but a girl gotta splurge sometimes, and if you want to spoil yourself, or your friend, I will highly recommend this product.

Do you have your favorite scrub? Have you ever tried a face polish? Do let me know in the comments down bellow :).

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